Eurogamer Preview: Bayonetta 2 Is A Sequel To Savour

Eurogamer - A weekend with Platinum's Wii U exclusive reveals everything that made the original a classic is intact.

I loved Bayonetta. The 2009 original was a whirling dervish of a brawler, throwing out a hundred punches every which way, with every single one of them hitting the spot. It was Platinum's technical brand of fighting sped up into an absurdist blur, every bit as inventive as a Tokyo EAD Mario game where new ideas and preposterous set-pieces are thrown in as quickly as they are thrown away. It makes sense, then, that the sequel has ended up on a Nintendo platform.

I still adore Bayonetta. As sharp as a scythe and with putdowns that slam down with the sharp crack of a pistol-equipped boot, she's a phenomenal character: strong, empowered and not about to take any crap from any of the dolts that surround her.

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N4g_null1382d ago

Loving the new footage. The game play looks on point also. Way more aggressive.