The Mario Kart 8 Update Is A Positive Sign For Nintendo Fans The addition of the on TV map is a small (and rare) admission from Nintendo that they can (and are willing to) improve their first party titles post release. A good sign for Nintendo fans.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1504d ago

I hope this change of heart will repeat itself with techmo-koei.
Hyrule Warriors would benefit big-time from online co-op.

guitarded771504d ago

Yep... online co-op should really be Nintendo's thing. They built their reputation on local co-op back in the day, so bringing online co-op/vs to the future would be more important than the typical competitive shooters dominating the other consoles.

As for MK8, I want to see some REAL VS maps. The regular tracks for battle mode are lame. I took a lot of crap for saying there wasn't a lot of content for a $60 title, but I still stand by that. Some of the additions coming in the patch (like simple stats) should have been there day 1. I still feel it was worth it though since I got Wind Waker free with it. Doesn't mean I still don't want more content. Excellent game... just needs longer legs.

zinger_AU1504d ago

Yeah the free game was a great idea.

Simple stats should for sure have been there on day one, and I really think split lap times should be included too.

I would have liked more than 32 tracks, I mean this is the HD era and you're right- there should have been more content than we're used to, especially considering there's no dedicated battle arenas this time.

LackTrue4K1504d ago Show
BattleN1504d ago

Fire hopping removed? Give me your 2cents lol

meganick1504d ago

Next I'd like to see proper battle arenas and the option to adjust music and sound effects. Getting rid of the coins in item boxes would be nice too.

Locknuts1504d ago

Pretty sure they've been improving Pikmin 3 post release too. But yeah. Good to see.

Dudebro901504d ago

They have been patching games since the Wii u release, as well as some 3ds games.


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