10 PS4, PS3, and Vita Reveals That We Reckon Will Happen at Gamescom 2014

Push Square: "Despite being the biggest gaming convention on the planet, Gamescom has always been treated as E3’s younger, less important sibling. Historically, the big announcements are reserved for Los Angeles, with the German show serving as a gaming aperitif of sorts, offering new trailers and information, but nothing that’s ever going to blow your mind. While we predict that this trend will continue, Sony’s always been good at spreading its reveals throughout the year, so we’re expecting another reasonably eventful press conference from the company on 12th August. What will make up its 60 or so minute show, though? Here are ten things that we reckon you should anticipate."

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Strangelover1471d ago

My predictions for Sony conference
1) Media Molecule shows their game with summer 2015 release date
2) Quantic Dream will be on the conference with the announcement of their PS4 project, but there won't be a release date
3) Vita will get a third party AAA exclusive
4) Minecraft Vita release date will be announced
5) Shadow of the beast and Until Dawn are revealed for PS4
6) Everybody's Gone to the Rapture will get a first gameplay trailer with graphics compared to Uncharted 4