Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition PS4 HDD Install Size, Digital Version Price $60 vs £44 on Amazon

Diablo III: Ultimate Edition is now available for pre-order on UK Playstation Store. The important thing to notice in the listing is the file size and price tag

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Dang 58.4Gb! Sony definitely needs to get external HDD support soon.

TimeSkipLuffy1227d ago

Yes! This is a feature I want for the PS4 as well! But Sony is not going to implement that unless their is a big storm coming up. They rather tell us to switch the internal HD. USB 3.0 is fast enough and switching external drives is way more comfortable...

Sometimes I wish Sony would offer more options and try to make their console in many ways better and more convenient to use with times like these were games are at BluRay size limit.

Onenyte1227d ago

When this console was released we all knew what we was in for , i jacked in a bigger hard drive in my machine from day one.

I never understood why people didn't as well

TimeSkipLuffy1227d ago

@Onenyte I put a 2TB drive after I got my PS4. But I went all digital this gen and 2TB won't be enough. With external HD you are not limited to the physical size of the HD. Simple as that.

Jadenkorr0211227d ago

umm you do know you can go get a 1.5TB hard drive and but it in your PS4 right? Hell if you dont care how the PS4 looks you can make it use a 3.5inch hard drive and have as much HDD space as you want. i have a 1.5TB in mine. They arnt really expensive at all.

Meltic1227d ago

No thats why you delete cleared games after u have played them for a while...

Onenyte1226d ago

most people are guilty for having old games they haven't touched in a while , i still have Rumble Roses on my xbox and i bought it quite a while ago lol

Am_Ryder1226d ago

Yeah, I see no problem at all. The second I get a "HDD is full" message, I just delete the 9/10 games I no longer play, with the absolute freedom to redownload them in an hour or two whenever I want.

500GB is more than big in enough if you erase games you haven't played in a few weeks- and that's usually all but one or two games.

Until game sizes reach the 100-200GB mark (totally feasible), 500GB is absolutely fine.

MazzingerZ1227d ago

Can't you upgrade to 1TB for 50 bucks? Sell the old HDD to recover some money?

Easiest is to delete data of stuff you won't play anymore, game data is always separated from save data so you can still keep your saves if not already in the least I don' play 10 games all the time, it's always 3 or 4, the rest wears off or done with them after SP and some weeks with half baked MP

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imt5581227d ago


Almost 60GB.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1227d ago

Just checked the game out on PS4 and it says it's 28GB not 58?

sam_job1227d ago

28GB is on North American Playstation Store, this is in UK playstation Store

jnemesh1227d ago

They must need the extra 30GB for the language pack! And to convert everything to metric! ;)

TimeSkipLuffy1227d ago

Then maybe you only need to have 58GB free but the final install size will be 28GB! This is actually very common.

gamer78041227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

so the download is about 28gb, but that gets expanded to almost 60gb?

(also there was a deal at target this week for buy 2 psn cards get 1 25% off. So i got a few so that saved me 5$ on the game, and there was no tax. so i got it digitally for 55$.)

stavrami-mk21227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

why is it $60 vs £44. is the uk store selling it in dollars ??

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