Metro Redux Gets 6-Minute New Gameplay Trailer

Metro Redux is described as one of the most complete and ambitious 'remasters' of modern time, and this six-minute trailer shows what gamers can expect from it.

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Hellsvacancy1168d ago

Niice, never played the original Metro

equal_youth1168d ago

also never played the first and now i wonder if it justifies to get the redux version

GarrusVakarian1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Watch the trailer and decide for yourself :) Imo, it looks amazing, I just pre-ordered this after watching this trailer.

I only played a little of each game last-gen, I'm glad I didn't complete either of them as this version looks so much better.

1080p and locked 60fps, with those visuals, gameplay improvements and DLC...for £30? Amazing.

equal_youth1168d ago

@ Lukas: i have just done the same :D

allgamespc20121167d ago

yes it does. i own both and i will be buying this day one as well. if you own both on steam u get it for 50 percent off. games are really good and while 2033 is not as good as last light its still in a league of its own when it comes to shooters.

Crazyglues1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Yeah never played the first, but did play Metro Last Light when it became free on PS3 for Plus members --> was a total blast..

Will be coming back for Last Light on PS4..

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Never played either Metro game but I have heard positive things. It seems that this is a very good remaster giving you more bang for your buck by adding so many new things apparently. Might have to pick this up

The_Infected1168d ago

I'll definitely get these games. Being at 60fps and all the other work they put into it looks amazing.

JWiLL5521168d ago

I could never bring myself to play these on my 360 after seeing what it looked like on PC.

Will happily pick this up for the ole PS4. Should tide me over until Destiny drops.

Hellsvacancy1168d ago

I held off playing Metro Last Light because I read about a possible PS4 version, then Deep Silver said

So I played it when it came to PS+, couple of months later PS4 version pops up

Genuine-User1168d ago

I have completed both of them but I can't wait to jump back in once it's released on the PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.