XBox One First Impressions

First impressions of the Xbox One console by a new buyer.

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ScorpiusX1467d ago

I don't think my setup took that long.

1467d ago
ShowanW1467d ago

My setup took no time at all.

But my day 1 patch took no time because I was on a 25mbos connection at the time (have since upped it to 50mbps down and 20up)...

And the author must have the worst shelving unit in history. Had to break a shelf? Wow...

I do understand that the One is a bulky box, but to break shelf to find a spot for it is just nuts...

I have a Xbox one (day one edition)... And I'm very lazy when outside of a game. "Xbox go to, Xbox Select, Xbox resume" .... Commands that changed my life.... For the better

kaitora1467d ago

Yeah, my shelving isn't amazing, it's not a TV stand, it's a computer desk, and underneath, there was a metal pole to support a shelf, I had to remove that shelf, to get rid of that pole, so I could place my Xbox one console into the newly formed gap. It would not have fit on the half sized shelf and enabled me to insert a disk.

I find I rarely use my voice commands, but I have had no problems with them either. It just would have been a little nicer to get a bit more direction with them.

Gh05t1467d ago

It took me close to an hour of trying to figure out what all the lights and colors and blinking of the system was before finally realizing the HDMI cable that came with the console was bad. By the time the update was applied and the game was installed I was over the new nostalgia and just went to bed since I had to work the next day.

My setup time was horrendous and frustrating.

kaitora1467d ago

My installation was only slow due to my download speed, besides the patch, it was straightforward to set up my Xbox One. Lack of input for the WiFi on my sisters, but my USB keyboard fixed that.
Everything was so easy to set up, and simple to navigate, it was just downloading the patch. I live in a 4Mb broadband area

700p1467d ago

Yeah so far my experience with the xbox one has been great.

kickerz1467d ago

Mine was super easy to set up. Sounded like the whole time the guy wanted a ps4 instead so was never gonna be happy.

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XStation1467d ago

It was very easy for me to set-up actually. Anyways, Despite all of the underwhelming stuff, I hope you enjoy the console. You and your sister are going to love Playing Sunset Overdrive CO-OP.

LazyMinion1467d ago

I wonder what kind of entertainment stand he had that he needed to break it so it would fit. I mean it's big but not that big.

Smootherkuzz1467d ago

Right its just slightly bigger then the Xbox 360, I think its because its square and Xbox 360 had rounded corners.

Gamer7771467d ago

The console slightly bigger than the early PS3/360 models. If his self are too small to fit a XB1, the airflow on his stand must be poor.

Smootherkuzz1467d ago

My setup went smooth as silk, the key is having a good internet connection! If your are using a 3g or 4g cell phone hotspot you are asking for headaches and a large hotspot bill. I have no complaints about the console and how it functions. Like everyone on all consoles I would like to see more and more games there is never enough. Lol.

Angerfist1467d ago

Setup was very easy. I have mine beides the TV with all sides open to fresh air. Only Annoyance is the Noise of the Power brick if you put the system in sleep mode

MaxwellBuddha1467d ago

The power brick makes noise? Mine must be defective then.

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