Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition confirmed

A rumour here…a leaked store listing there…you've only heard about it being whispered about behind cupped hands…but enough of that. Today we are delighted to officially confirm that Sleeping Dogs is coming to the new generation of consoles. Enter: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition!

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ravensly1502d ago

well it seems its coming to pc also......from these screenshots they added a lot of signs and improved some textures....

skulz71502d ago

Those screenshots aren't too great.

Nevertheless Sleeping Dogs was an incredible game.

ramiuk11502d ago

only played the xbox 360 demo,never actually got to play the full game.
heard good thing and cant remember why i didnt buy it so will prob pick it up on ps4 if price is right

Boody-Bandit1502d ago

Those screenshots of the PC version don't do the game justice. I have it on my PC and it looks better on my displays than it does in these images you provided.

ravensly1502d ago

those screenshots are of sleeping dogs remastered

Boody-Bandit1502d ago

I know that. I'm saying that those screenshots don't even look as good as the original on my PC. So I'm not seeing the upgrade or they are just bad screenshots.

Maybe the pics weren't taken with the game on max settings or something. Not sure but seriously the original looks better on my displays than these screenshots. I played the h3ll out of this game on Steam. Completed it all the way through twice.

If I had a decent way to capture images I would show you but my Note 3 doesn't take the best pics with my rig being in the basement and having no nature light.

ThatEnglishDude1502d ago

Wasn't this already known several days ago?

If it's just the trailer you're showing off - then you may want to rename the article 'Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Announcement Trailer' or something.

But back on topic - who even asked for this? It's not a BAD game by any means, just... unnecessary.

Goro1502d ago

It was a rumor but now it's confirmed.

Chard1502d ago

I was thinking the same thing. But the publisher is Square Enix, who is hardly known for making logical business decisions.

Vantage1502d ago

Sleeping Dogs was a waste of time.

Vantage1502d ago

No, Sleeping Dogs was a waste of time and I would have felt ripped off if I actually paid for it.

Everything Square Enix puts out is a flaccid, shallow, half-baked waste of time.

Boody-Bandit1502d ago

I thought Sleeping Dogs was so good I played and completed it on 3 different formats.

ArtificiallyYours1502d ago

Because your parents wouldn't buy it for you, right?

dunnyone1502d ago

It's never official until the company says it is, which happened earlier today. Everything else was a rumour, and in the gaming world, rumours are too flakey to be reliable.

bleedsoe9mm1502d ago

i hope this means we get sleeping dogs 2

KonsoruMasuta1502d ago

It was already confirmed a while ago.

It's called Triad Wars.

They haven't given any more info than that though.

bleedsoe9mm1502d ago

didn't that turn out to be a mobile game

markoghc1502d ago

@bleedsoe9mm: Perhaps you think of GTA: Chinatown Wars or whatever it was called, that came out for 3DS?

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The story is too old to be commented.