Zynga Posts $63 Million Net Loss in Q2 2014

Zynga had a very rough 2013 with several top executives leaving the studio for various reasons, not to mention the declining popularity in Facebook games like Farmville (which facilitated the closure of several other titles). As a result of its troubles, the developer revealed a $63 million net loss for its Q2 2014 financial results. It also revealed that its net loss for the third quarter is projected to fall somewhere between $52 and $57 million.

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GarrusVakarian1469d ago

Dat Don Mattrick. He's like a one-man plague of locusts. Lmao.

creatchee1469d ago

AHEM Agent Mattrick, sent to destroy mobile gaming. But yeah, dude is like Ted McGinley joining the cast of a sitcom.

darthv721469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

I can't be the only one here that gets the true. +bub for funny

Fishermenofwar1469d ago

Leave Jefferson 2 alone...LMAO!!!

badz1491468d ago


LordMaim1469d ago

To be fair, Don Mattrick coming to Zynga was like throwing a lead weight on a sinking ship. It's not like they would have been doing fine without him.

...might have been doing *better*, but who knows.

gangsta_red1469d ago

Even though Don is a plague you can't really throw all the blame on him. The guy sprang a leak on one ship then jumped aboard another ship that was already half way under the water.

It was the Pincus that killed Zynga, and guess what. He's a billionaire living it up in some Victorian house over looking the golden gate bridge.

The rich get richer...

DarkOcelet1469d ago

Zynga was a trainwreck before he came , he just added more fuel to the fire , god i seriously hated him

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R00bot1469d ago

I'm not saddened in the slightest by this. FarmVille just isn't my thing.

Pozzle1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

I don't like Farmville, but I feel sorry for the employees who will lose their jobs if the company ends up closing down.

R00bot1468d ago

True, hopefully they'll be able to find work at other studios.

Codewow1469d ago

How much are they paying their CEO's? Pretty sure if you took that money and used it wisely they'd have made $600million instead of a loss.

MisfitsInc1469d ago

Don Mattrick too the rescue

MasterCornholio1469d ago

Reminds me of that episode of American Dad where every time he tries to help his family he makes everything worse.

HacSawJimThugin1469d ago

Lol love American Dad, the Krampus episode is my favorite. Give Don the Rod!!!

OUROSMAG1469d ago

LOL!! I came on here thinking, here come the mattrick jokes....lmfao.

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