The Last of Us movie will cut a lot of content from the game

Neil Druckmann, the writer behind the game and the movie, says he’s reducing the epic story to its core elements.

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GarrusVakarian1384d ago

Well..duh. The game is like 15 hours long on average. A movie is around 2 hours. A lot of the game is going to be cut.

midnightambler1384d ago

True, but how many of those 15 hours are spent hiding behind desks and rummaging through drawers?

GarrusVakarian1383d ago

That's exactly my point. Lol.

Volkama1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

If Joel doesn't have to find planks of wood to make bridges then they probably shouldn't pretend it is a TLOU movie.

Or more likely I assume they are talking about chopping up the plot a bit. Which you would expect, as the pacing of a game is not necessarily a good fit for a film.

ZodTheRipper1383d ago

You can play through New Game + in around 10 hours by skipping exploration but you'll still need around 20 hours for your first playthrough. I'm on my 3rd playthrough and I still discover new stuff :D

Putting all that in a 2 hour movie is quite the task, I just hope they can reproduce the atmosphere of some of the amazing locations in the game... that's actually where my biggest concern lies.

-Foxtrot1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

It will mostly be story bits done for gameplay

For example the intro with Robert that could be cut to shreds. At it's core it was just a tutorial to get us started.


All you would need to have at the beginning of the film is Tess telling Joel they need to have a "talk" with Robert, they go through the gate HOWEVER the explosion from the Fireflies happens on the other side and they manage to get through the gate. With this you establish the Fireflies and you get them through to meet Robert quicker to save time. Next scene is Tess walking to Roberts office and shooting his two bodybuards like she does in the game and they burst in to see Robert. Robert ruins, he gets caught, Tess shoots him, Marlene is introduced and then they get STRAIGHT to the building where Ellie is.

See you've already cut a lot of gameplay to save time while still retaining the core elements of the story.

Hollywood doesn't know it but it's really not that hard to write video game films when you have the source material in front of you. 90% of the work has been done for you.

iamnsuperman1383d ago

I agree with you but, in particular, the Last of Us may struggle from being cut. The big theme is the relationship between Ellie and Joel and how it evolves. A two hour movie has never really done that well (especially when there is no history between the characters) enough because there really isn't enough time. The game being that long worked in favour of selling the story.

aerisbueller1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

yeah, kinda feel like it should be selfindulgent long like a Peter Jackson flick and it would actually help it a lot, as the game had a slow 'smell the roses' type pacing to it. Making it only about the action would really take away the beautiful,ugly desolation which set the mood as much as the danger and action did.

Really happy about the director and writer choices though. Spiderman had great pacing I thought (last time I saw Evil Dead was in the early 80's, so I don't remember the pacing), and obviously the Last of Us writer is familiar and invested in the source material.

LordMaim1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

It was also an intro to the world, a primer on Joel/Tess's characters, the necessity of the Fireflies, the threat of the infection, and the measures necessary to contain it. It's necessary to set up the plot.

Instead, you'll probably see them trim the middle section, Bill's town, the truck ambush, the hotel, the hunting rifle. Folded in with Henry/Sam to compress that portion of the story. They may cut it altogether, though I hope not.

Dfooster1383d ago

So you just cut the dead daughter bit which underpins everything that follows with Joel and Ellie. Err ok not a good start to their character arcs

-Foxtrot1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )


No that stays in tact, I just meant the beginning of the post infected world

I was giving an example above of scenes which COULD be condensed to save time.

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JimmyDM901383d ago


The game is fairly episodic so some parts could potentially be cut out whole sale. Bill's town, though I love it, is all about them just getting a car. You could cut that down to a scene of them finding a car after their run in with the military and cut out bill all together. You could also cut out most/all of the action in Wyoming and just have it be an action breather. That portion is all about Joel's commitment to the task at hand. You don't really need a shoot em up for that. Then you just trim out a bunch of the firefights, tighten up the beginning bits, perhaps compress the Sam stuff or tie it in more to the main journey.

It's easy enough to cut it down to two hours, it's just a question of can they keep the game's heart and soul intact while doing that. I'm hopeful.

Shawn-1383d ago

Yeah with last of us being a multiple hours long experience where you become attached to the characters. I wonder how they are going to capture that moment where Ellie goes through that transformation from her more innocent self. Man 2 hours... Ok. I never thought I'd be that guy that critiques film adaptations like a Harry potter fan but I'm nervous but also excited.

Akarogg 1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

I spent 22 hours completing it the first time on PS3. And about 20 hours on the PS4. (albeit harder difficulty) Call me a noob :P

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iamnsuperman1383d ago

They need to make this a mini series. I mean it could be 3 episodes long. It just seems best suited

Agent_00_Revan1383d ago

Agreed. I prefer a series over a movie. You can accomplish so much more with a couple of episodes over a 2 hour movie.

I think a 6 episode mini series would be Perfect for this.

caseh1383d ago

You could be onto something there, there's nothing to say this movie won't be a trilogy...

Dfooster1383d ago

There's no reason this can't be a 2h 30min movie if the plot requires it.

Dan_scruggs1383d ago

Step 1: Watch The Road

Step 2: Add mushrooms.


Kal-V31383d ago

Step 3: sauteed onions and peppers. ;P

Step 4: Delicious Profit

aerisbueller1383d ago

The Road was such an upbeat cheerful movie.

Fishermenofwar1383d ago

The road was a surprise hit for me...

skulz71383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

They shouldn't make a movie out of the game. Its a gaming gem - keep it that way.

shammgod1383d ago

YES! Movies now are watered down bullshit.

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