Capcom's 'Dark Void' Blends Marcus Fenix, Yoshi And That Old Batman TV Show

MTV Multiplayer writes: "I might be remembering the 80s and 90s wrong, but I think you used to be able to tell one video game from the next by how their main characters moved. "Mario" games were the ones with the guy jumping on other characters' heads. "Sonic" games had the animal that ran fast, sometimes in loop-de-loops. "Metroid" games featured a person who could roll into a ball. "Strider" had tube-traveling dude; "Bionic Commando" had a grapple-hook-swinging guy.

And then at some point in this skewed, not entirely accurate history of video games, character movement stopped being as frequent a selling point, not compared to what kind of guns a character shot. So I considered it surprising and refreshing to check out two games at a Capcom press event yesterday that appear to be built on how their characters move: one was the well-documented 3D swinging of the new "Bionic Commando;" the other a jet-pack action game I knew nothing about called 'Dark Void.'"

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