Daily Gaming Is Not Inherently Harmful To Kids.

The positive and negative effects of daily gaming are small, and indicate that broader social issues are responsible for both.

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reaperofsouls1509d ago

ofcourse it isn't. Ive been gaming my entire life and i'm still a hard working lawabiding citizen

TheWackyMan1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

psh we all know you're criminal scum. Fox news said people who play video games are all terriorist in the making, so it must be true if fox said it.

Deadpool6161509d ago

Well doesn't this point out the obvious.

Software_Lover1509d ago

I still make sure my kids are infront of a book most of the day.

Dying_Jester1509d ago

Paperback of course! Who can afford paying for those beautiful upper class hard copy books!?

MysticStrummer1509d ago

It is if they don't gimme the controller when I demand it.

_NotoriousJaee1509d ago

Daily cod is bad for kids :D

Spore_7771509d ago

"cod" being Call of Duty? If yes, then not only is "Daily cod... bad for kids..." It is not a kid's game to begin with. They shouldn't be playing it in the first place.

TXIDarkAvenger1509d ago

Well it doesn't help that its somewhat marketed at kids. I mean they have CoD shirts for kids...

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