Naughty Dog Admits The Last of Us On PS4 Has “A Lot of Bugs;” Agility 2 Requires a Patch and More

The Last of Us Remastered had a very successful launch, but it’s doubtless that the game suffers from quite a few nagging issues, especially on its multiplayer portion. Yet Naughty Dog developers are no strangers to owning up to this kind of problems, and Multiplayer Designer Quentin Cobb openly admitted that there’s a lot of work to do, while yesterday's live update actually seems to have given significant results according to Naughty Dog.

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dcj05241508d ago

Well at least they admitted it.

Now get it too it! (They already are)

IcicleTrepan1508d ago

they admitted it after they got everyone's money

amiga-man1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

The game has bugs fair play to naughty dogs for admitting it, although as of yet I have seen nothing that makes it unplayable and what there is will be soon patched i'm sure, so no biggie.

Another mountain out of a mole hill story.

PR_FROM_OHIO1508d ago

Yea bc every game released is perfect right?? Hey maybe I should sue ND bc it's not flawless!! SMFH

Nodoze1508d ago

They didn't get my money. Sony has had a poor next gen showing IMHO. They are squandering their early lead.

The fact that PS4 has no media player, no mp3 playback etc is piss poor at this stage.

So I do not see the need to 'upgrade' to play upres'd ports just yet.

I am sure I will once the library catches up in a few years.

ZodTheRipper1508d ago

We're just a week after release, I wouldn't say they got "everyone's money". It's still perfectly playable and probably cleaner than many other games. Actually I found some bugs quite entertaining, 2 or 3 times the AI became so buggy that it was completely unpredictable yet still realistic. The only annoying bug I encountered is the instant-reload that reset me to the last checkpoint but it wasn't a big deal.

SonyPS41508d ago


Yeah, bugs and glitches that make the game only work half as advertised, but hey no biggie. I won't buy the game anyway. There's no honor in laziness.

ChronoJoe1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

As others have said, in fairness the bugs that are present aren't particularly prevalent. All I've encountered is somewhat iffy matchmaking times.

Most of the bugs appear to be multiplayer quirks, some of the perks don't work properly, flamerthrower executions consume ammunition... etc, these aren't exactly a big deal, and at the end of the day they will be fixed.

Sheikh Yerbouti1507d ago


I'm a bit ticked off about no DLNA, but I'm not so rash to sum up PS4 as a poor showing. It's the games I bought it for. I have a tablet for that other ish and a JBL Flip (>>>Beats). Get one too.

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lelo1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

"Naughty Dog Admits The Last of Us On PS4 Has “A Lot of Bugs;” Agility 2 Requires a Patch and More"

Absolutely not. A lot of reviewers gave it a 10. It's a perfect game. Perfect games don't have bugs. /s

Infamous2981508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Atleast Naughty Dog admit that unlike Bethesda.

MysticStrummer1508d ago

See Bethesda's entire catalog, some of which won GotY awards despite being some of the buggiest games ever released. I think Bethesda even got a Developer of the Year award for Skyrim.

Yi-Long1508d ago

Just because some other developers do the same, or worse, doesn't make it right.

I don;t even blame Naughty Dog that much for not mentioning it before release. They're selling a product. They keep quiet on stuff like this. It's not exactly 'fair' to the consumers, but still...

HOWEVER, previews and reviews should absolutely have picked up on it, and informed their readers/viewers! It's their JOB to inform potential consumers.

The media failed.

LordMaim1508d ago

@Yi-Long: It doesn't matter how much time you spend testing, there's always going to be bugs that only the public will find with thousands of times more users over a much longer amount of time. It isn't as though they found a bug and said, "let's not tell anyone and hope they don't notice." I'm sure that they fixed everything that they found during QA, and will continue to fix issues as they arise.

Imalwaysright1508d ago

@ Yi-Long

That is the attitude that leads publishers and devs to "feel safe" to keep on with their underhanded business practices and to screw us over and over again.

If ND knew about these issues like you're implying and released the game anyway then gamers should without any doubt blame them for it.

HanzoHattori1508d ago

All games have bugs and glitches. Some games have glitches and bugs that make a game completely unplayable. This is not the case with TLOU Remastered.

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GordonKnight1508d ago

I noticed some last night and it was beginning of the game. I'm worried about it at all.

Blaze9291508d ago

so how did this game get 10/10 review scores with "a lot" of bugs?

GiggMan1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Because it's an awesome remaster and the best game released thus far this gen on either console... (Mario for wii u is a close second)

Duh. Lol

MRMagoo1231508d ago

How did any Bethesda game ? Maybe try playing it and you would know why you salty person.

rainslacker1507d ago

Because the bugs aren't so bad to make the game unplayable, and most of them aren't even that prevalent.

We've seen plenty of buggy games that get high review scores. It shouldn't be that surprising. Although I can agree with others that it isn't really right.

Truthfully, you could take any game, no matter which developer, and find bugs if you know what to look for. For a class I took in game testing, our first assignment was to take a commercially released game and find 10 bugs. I choose Uncharted. I found 10 bugs in the first 20 or so minutes. But at no time would people say that game suffered or was unplayable due to those bugs.

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BABY-JEDI1508d ago

I found playing the remaster @ 30 FPS improves stability greatly, draw distance, shadow quality as well as reducing pop-up. 60 FPS is great. But this game really doesn't need it. I'm really enjoying playing this Remaster again on survivor. Man, it's tough

elazz1508d ago

Not my obeservation at all. I did not encounter any bugs or glitches in the story at 60fps, even switching a couple of times made me realize that 60fps is far superior than you would think at first.

The Multiplayer though has some bugs. Not a lot but there are a couple that are annoying and these are the ones I encountered:

- Matchmaking with friends (party) takes long
- Server glitch that causes everyone to not completely die (you stay wounded crawling all over the place)

The last happens once every 6-7 matches so that is annoying. If they patch these two things along then the MP game is nearing perfect state as well. And that is something special lately.

BABY-JEDI1508d ago

I'm not here to lie or spread spam. I genuinely found this to be the case. But I'm pleased for all those who have had no issues.
; )

1nsomniac1508d ago

I wonder where the die-hards are now, that still claim to this day that these issues are all made up...

isa_scout1508d ago

You make it sound like the games been out forever on the PS4...It's only been a week and a half. Also, I haven't seen very many if any PS "fanboys" claiming there hasn't been problems with the MP. I love TLOU but there are numerous problems with it right now that need to be addressed. Hope they get it fixed soon as I re bought this game to tide me over til Destiny drops.

funkybudda1508d ago


I challenge you to name other games with high rating such as TLOU that were released without bugs, I am waiting patiently...

1nsomniac1508d ago

....Are you serious???

This is a game that has already been released once already 15 months ago & is now re-released as a 'remastered' version.

I suggest some people need to look up what is entailed by being 'remastered'!

LordMaim1508d ago

@1nsomniac: These issues weren't present in the PS3 multiplayer, so that doesn't mean anything. It will get patched, don't worry. Naughty Dog has an excellent track record for their multiplayer support and additional features post release.

gangsta_red1508d ago

I love the defense!

When Bethesda released a bug mess on PS3, sony fanboys went nuts! When Bayonetta was released on PS3, sony fanboys went nuts, when Bioshock was released on PS3, sony fanboys went nuts.

But when ND releases and admits that Last of Us REMASTERED(PORT)is bug filled for PS4...all is forgiven...

Army_of_Darkness1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Skyrim and bayonetta were an obvious brutal looking mess and even unplayable at times that even the average person can notice... The last of Us however has minor glitches but nothing nearly as bad as those two games to bring down the score, otherwise I'm sure the media and reviewers would have been all other it rather than give it perfect to near perfect score. Huge difference in glitch comparison between those games bro...
ND are known to be perfectionist, so when your a perfectionist the worst critic is yourself, while most people probably didn't even notice until you brought it up ;-)

MRMagoo1231508d ago

Hey when you have nothing to say pull out the hypocrite card it's the go to strat for every xbone fantard. If only you guys had some actual exclusives to play on the xbone huh then you would probably be busy.

gangsta_red1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )


If only you PS4 fanboys had worthwhile exclusives of your own then maybe you too wouldn't be following me around leaving comments.

lol, sony fanboylogicfail #1...since two games are on the PC this means they automatically disappear for Xbox One.

isa_scout1508d ago

I've ran into a slew of problems on the PS4 versions MP that were not present on the PS3 version. At least now they're communicating with their fans though. I was on the forums for a week just waiting for ND to respond to the MP problems that fans were asking about. Can't say I'm to thrilled about how TLOU MP has worked since launch, but I have faith in ND to get this all sorted out. Multiplayer is an absolute blast when it's working properly.

poor_cus_of_games1508d ago

I haven't had any problems. Must have got lucky.

Kribwalker1508d ago

Yes, you got bug free special press of the game. They are like willy wonkas golden tickets. There's only 5 of that version in the world. Now run home peter, and don't tell anyone what you have won

poor_cus_of_games1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Enjoy your bubble. Excellent use of it. Really top notch. Jealous much? Also why are you trolling playstation pages? Haven't you got your "16" games to get through?

LackTrue4K1507d ago

@ Kribwalker,

how about you "willy wonka" your a55 back to XboxOne "TROLL"