Microsoft Believes that the Success of Xbox Depends on Games, Exclusives, Hardware Power and More

Microsoft just released its annual 10-K report (a document required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, giving a rundown of the company’s finances for the year) for the fiscal year that ended on June 30th, and the document includes an interesting statement detailing how the company views its competition at Sony and Nintendo, and how how it plans to overcome said competition and achieve success.

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BillmadeAGate1202d ago

Microsoft is right.. Now get to work!!

Infamous2981202d ago

If microsoft had this ideology while designing the xbox one, they will be in a better state than now.

ScorpiusX1202d ago

Two issue they had which they finally fixed was the CEO & Xbox Executive . Now things should get better with Nadell / Spencer in charge .

reaperofsouls1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Totally agree. However, on the plus side they made me a saving of $500 since i'm never going to buy one!

christocolus1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Yeah, they went off course for a while and the former xbox boss didn't help matters. ballmer gave mattrick too much freedom&the guy ended up almost ruining the brand but I'm glad they are steering the ship back in the right direction now.

From here on out MS will stay focused on what matters most..exclusives (brand new exclusive AAA ips,great indies,remasters&even sequels), aquisitions&expanding their studios. The bad pr that plagued their launch is gradually dying out and with Phil spencer as new xbox head and Nadella(new ceo) giving the division his full support it can only get better.

Gamescom should be great .more exclusives inbound and i bet the next generation xbox will be something truly amazing.


Why are you even here again.We've known you aint buying one cos you've been repeating the same comment in every xbx article for the past few weeks. Its not news anymore or are you trying to convince yourself?


Spot might take a little while but MS will eventually clear up the mess made at launch..Phil&the team are doing an amazing job. Look at the games coming in already I.e halo mcc, ki sn2, project spark, halo5 guardians, quantum break, gears, crackdown,ori,d4, forza horizon2,phantum dust, fable legends, d4, scalebound , crackdown, dance central..and many more still in development..they doing really good so far.

Septic1202d ago

Yup. They shot themselves in the foot with the whole media focus nonsense.

Interesting that they mention "the computational power and reliability of the console".

OpieWinston1202d ago

Just like Sonys misstep at the beginning of last gen...They've got to learn the hard way.

PS3 was a financial disaster at first, and now Sonys highest profit is from Playstation.

I don't expect the same result from Xbox, considering Windows sales/profits will always blow it out of the water. But it can begin making a profit for the company later down the road with Phil at the helm.

D-riders1202d ago

I think you would be surprised by how many people arent buying one

reaperofsouls1202d ago

@ christocolus

I happen to own a 360 and ps3 from the last gen. i would have been happy to buy both this generation.

Arkardo1202d ago

Funny that success depends on hardware power coming from X1, they better avoid that sentence from now on.

donthate1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


I really don't think the media focus was the problem, but rather meeting the expectation of their fanbase with the reveal.

If MS came out, punching with exclusives and games, games and more games while trickling in the benefits of their digital vision, I think perception would have been different.

Instead, the positive digital future was tweaked with lots of mis-information sold by the amateur video game journalists.

Even to this day, people are still mis-informed, so I think it will take MS some time to rectify the perception.

I think Phil Spencer will be good for Xbox One, but I hope he doesn't forget about Kinect and the future and only focus on games. Don Mattrick certainly invested heavily into that despite what people think about him.

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assdan1201d ago

Yep, Microsoft is right. To bad for them their competition is better at all 3.

whoyouwit041201d ago

What? where are the games for PS4 where is the consumer feed back responses? People deem Microsoft as this evil corporation, but Sony is acting way more arrogant, and evil as of late. Lying to customers, making decisions for them, and giving them nothing but indies. Sony are dictating their fans and there to stupid to see it.

DarkOcelet1201d ago

Its all about the exclusives really , work on that and i will happily buy it (still on the 360 playing Red dead redemption , such a great game ) and support it more please unlike the last 3 years of the 360.

Magicite1201d ago

Good luck next-gen, MS.

700p1201d ago

Xbox has been on the right track as of late :)

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

"Hardware Power"

Nice key point. You should put some thought into that next time.

AnteCash1202d ago

Last year after the may reveal a MS executive said that they deliberately did not aim for a higher power hardware.

Arkardo1202d ago

That's what I was thinking about, being sarcastic? I don't think so, maybe they thought they had the better hardware before reveal.

Ausbo1202d ago

The Xbox one is powerful. Just not as powerful as ps4. But its hard to plan not knowing what your competition is doing while still trying to profit

AceBlazer131202d ago

Games: They run netter on the competing console.

Exclusives: Quality wise this is highly subjective, but quantity wise the XB1 is already lacking. Nothing since March.

Hardware: Competition has better hardware as well.

So the success of Xbox looks kinda off going by those points and sale number agree.

Benjammin251201d ago

I'm a Sony man, but I hate comments like this. You've basically just pissed all over the Xbox One. While it doesn't interest me personally, the console still has it's merits like dedicated servers for all it's games and some interesting exclusives on the horizon. Had you asked me 10 months ago, yes I would have told you the One was a disaster. But Microsoft have corrected a lot of their mistakes since then. and while they'll never outsell the PS4 worldwide, the future still looks bright for the One and MS.

FsterThnFTL1202d ago

They should have realized this before they released the Xbox One.

chrissx1202d ago

Thanks Ms for believing the obvious

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