Remastered Version of The Last of Us Proves Equally Popular in Nordic Countries

Nordic game charts for week 31 of 2014

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Snookies121296d ago

This game is just incredible. One of the few stories in any medium (game, book, movie, etc.) that can make me nearly cry. If any game is deserving of praise, it's this one.

LOGICWINS1296d ago

I'm gunna start playing at 1am when the house is dark and quiet. Its mah B-DAY today but the parties tomorrow so I have a ton of cleaning to do today. Invited a girl I like from work over and said we were playing TLOU.

Of course, she didnt know what I was talking about, but shes excited to come nonetheless. I hope everything goes well!

SuperBlunt1296d ago

Hopefully she brings a nice present ;) lol happy birthday logic

LOGICWINS1296d ago

Thanks SuperBlunt! I hope I get a "nice" present too hehehehe

BigPappaPump1296d ago

Happy B-day fellow Leo. Mine's Tuesday.

JimmyDM901295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

I just beat the main storyline and I can't wait to go back through again.

equal_youth1296d ago

why wouldn't it be popular in nordic countries? i live in germany and every gamer i know has not talked about any other game for the past month :D ok thats not exactly true a few of them developed a smite habit ^^

chrissx1296d ago

This game will be remembered and played for generations

LazyGoron1296d ago

I was curious about the Nordic countries reception to TLOU...

Terrific game, well paced and well told story. I enjoyed the stealth/action combo, don't see that a lot. I don't feel like I fight men repetitively nor do I feel like I have sneak past infected too often. Each time I see these foes it's always a "o shit" moment because I know what I'm in for.

MazzingerZ1296d ago

Not sure why it wouldn't be popular here? Could someone explain to me? What nordics like according to the masses?:-)

LazyGoron1296d ago

I have no idea, me personally, I was being facetious.

1295d ago
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