Shiver Games Reveals Lucius II: The Prophecy, Releasing Early 2015

NoobFeed writes, "Nearly two years after the release of Lucius, the indie developer has revealed the game's successor, titled Lucius II: The Prophecy."

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wheresmymonkey1471d ago

Suhweet. I really liked the first one, it wasn't perfect but it showed a lot of promise.

XboxBetty1471d ago


I'm stoked too. Didn't LOVE the first one, but I did like it. Excited to take down more "enemies" in unique ways.

equal_youth1471d ago

never played the first one but as soon as i see it on sale i will give it a try. The announcement help remember of the first i had forgotten.

XboxBetty1471d ago

Full price, $19.99 on Steam. Def watch out for a sale though, I'm assuming the devs will mark it down soonish with this announcement.

I'm gonna replay it :o)

DigitalRaptor1470d ago


The first game had lots of cool ideas, and it's great that they have the opportunity to improve the formula and expand on the series.