PlayDevil: Dark Souls II DLC Crown Of The Sunken King Review

PlayDevil has reviewed the Dark Souls 2 DLC.

Here is a snippet:

"Fights are smartly designed and populated with opposing forces that initially seem undefeatable. It's this immediate sense of "I can't do this" that nurtures the pure adrenaline rush of victory when you do, in fact, do it and makes every inch of ground won that much sweeter. The Dragon's Sanctum in particular stood out as a highlight. Full of hexing witches, ghostly phantoms and enough traps to make up for the distinct lack of pressure plates in the original package, it really has it all. There are often rooms within these tombs that host a ridiculously overabundant amount of enemies, forcing smart play and even smarter level manipulation. It wasn't just a test of my sword-and-board battling prowess, but also my approach to these battles that saw me claim victory, and it felt great."

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