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What’s this little green dinosaur’s name? If you said “Yoshi” we’ve got news for you…

RN24: "Nicknames can be confusing things, especially when they’re the only name by which you’ve ever known someone. I can clearly remember the moment when my friend’s Japanese wife looked at me with a mixture of surprise and betrayal, for example, when she found out that Phil (or “Firu” as it’s awkwardly pronounced in Japanese) is in fact short for Philip.

But after learning that the same green dinosaur that I’ve traversed hundreds of levels, raced go-karts and carried baby Mario back to his parents with since I was about 10 years old isn’t actually called Yoshi, I can kind of understand why she was so shocked." (3DS, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Retro, Wii, Wii U)

kirbyu  +   473d ago

But isn't it possible that that only used to be his name like how Dr. Robotnik had his name changed to Dr. Eggman or how Princess Peach used to be Princess Toadstool?
Heisenburger  +   473d ago
He will always be Robotnik to me!! T~T
fr0sty  +   473d ago
I prefer peach to a name that literally means "toad crap"... though toadstool is probably just her last name. Eggman was always Robotnik's name in Japan.
Jonny5isalive  +   473d ago
the T stands for yoshi I hear.
OfficerDewey  +   473d ago
His name has always been Theodore, where have you guys been.. :D
Bhuahahaha  +   473d ago
lol T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas

oh and BTW i still dont know mario and luigi's surnames

some friend told me its bros lol
OfficerDewey  +   473d ago
In the terrible hollywood' Mario movie, their names were Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. lol
Pozzle  +   473d ago
And they weren't even brothers. They were father and son! lol
KING85  +   473d ago
LMAO! That gave me a good chuckle :)
fr0sty  +   473d ago
Well, if they are the super mario bros., that would make mario their last name.
kirbyu  +   473d ago
I've been told that they don't have surnames.
HentaiMasterRace  +   473d ago
Nah, that bitch is Yoshi.
Spore_777  +   473d ago
I'll never be the same again >_<
jayzablade  +   473d ago
I refuse to read this article! Too much of my childhood has been butchered lately and my soul can't take anymore.....I'm looking at you Street Hawk!!!
lemoncake  +   473d ago
That green thing with a long tongue
DeusEx-Machina  +   473d ago
T for Tyrannos, maybe? Like, I don't know, T. Rex? Anyone?
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