What Microsoft Has Done Right (And Wrong) In China With Xbox One

The Xbox One is coming, and it’s coming soon.

But will China’s consumers actually care? That’s the question observers (myself included) have been asking since whispers of the console ban being lifted first came up. After all, the country’s console restrictions have not been strictly enforced, and gray-market imported consoles (many of which have been hacked to play cheap pirated games) have been easily available in China’s electronics markets all along. But despite the proliferation of these less-than-legal consoles, China’s gaming market is still dominated by the PC and mobile platforms.

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iamnsuperman1509d ago

I don't see any of these consoles benefiting from being officially released in China than they have before. The grey market in China is huge. Depsite not being able to sell consoles in China they are publicly displayed. It is good to go for it but I feel people and these companies should dampen their expectations of possible return

A genius move by them is to lower the cost of the games. I still feel it should be cheaper (possibly piracy issue) up it is a good move in the right direction

equal_youth1509d ago

i think your right there but i have a feeling that few families will have a console in their home like most of us have.

xDHAV0K24x1509d ago

let it launch first THEN let's have a chat!