Destiny Survey Shows 50% Will Play on PS4, 32% on Xbox One, 10% on Xbox 360 and 6% on PS3

Destiny‘s beta was extremely successful, and the game is now speeding towards its release on September 9th, but on what platforms will people play? A reddit-base survey with 1250 respondents tried to answer that question.

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ArchangelMike1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Destiny is going to be HUGE on all platforms. Come September it's going to be the all formats No.1 for a good few weeks, maybe even through to the Christmas holidays. Playstation platforms will definately benefit with the PS3/PS4 Destiny Bundles going into the holiday season.

There are very few games that can really challenge Destiny for Multiplayer space this year. FIFA 15 might unseat it in September - at least in teh UK; and GTA V might unseat it in October (although I'm not so sure); COD:Advance Warfare may knock it down a few pegs in November, even though at the moment Destiny is tracking higher pre-order numbers than COD:AW (to be expected as COD:AW doesn't release for another 3 months).

I think Destiny is also tracking higher pre-order numbers than Watchdogs did pre-release. The Destiny Beta numbers are certainly higher than the watchdogs pre-order numbers at this point.

It will be interesting to see which game will come out as the Christmas all formats No.1.

Boody-Bandit1474d ago

What I believe is if this survey becomes a reality than maybe devs and publishers should move on to this generation and stop with cross generation games. That way it will yield better results utilizing this generation hardware to it's fullest potential.

Because Destiny is a really good game but it's not exactly a graphical beast and makes me wonder how different the AI, physics, mechanics, and especially the graphics, might have been if only made for this generation hardware.

LordMaim1474d ago

You're right. Assassin's Creed Rogue should be pretty awesome.

windblowsagain1474d ago

These will be the real numbers.

PS4 55%
xb180 25%
PS3 7%
XB360 13%

Blaze9291474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Makes sense honestly. Xbox One owners have a variety of shooters to play this fall - including not one, but FOUR Halo titles.

As soon as MCC and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare release, Destiny players on Xbox One will be damn near ghost.

PS4 owners are actually really looking forward to this title. And have to for some time.

Me personally, I didn't really see the hype behind Destiny. Why would anyone choose that over Halo?

FamilyGuy1473d ago

Loot drops, special gear, fully customizable "loadout", leveling up, it's new, open world, the storyline, it's Bungie and they aren't making Halo, some people don't like Halo, dance emoting.

Why do they have to choose one over the other anyway? You make it sound like playing Destiny = giving up the ability to play Halo.

funkybudda1473d ago


Planet Side 2 will also be dropping for PS4, and CoD:AW also available for PS4. I really dont see PS4 "lacks" shooters...

Goku7811473d ago

Because its actually made by the people that made Halo great in the first place and Halo is played out.

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TimeSkipLuffy1474d ago

It will be PS4 but first it needs to hit the sales bin. Destiny is a solid and very good shooter but I wanted a more MMORPG shooter game.
Therefore I can play it when it's getting cheaper ^^ and yeah I'm a single player type of gamer :D Fallout 3 MMO would be a dream come true ...

joab7771474d ago

You know that it will get many more features as time comes. If u love mmo's, u know that u need to get in from the jump.

TimeSkipLuffy1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Bungie is avoiding the term MMO for a good reason because it is not really a MMO. It just borrows some elements. Features may come but the whole game does not feel like a MMORPG at all. It's just like visiting maps and do this do that and go back to the tower. The exploration feel gets lost very fast. I don't see this change anytime soon. They deliver a fast paced fun shooter but not a MMO where you can be sucked in for days to come. It probably isn't meant to be a MMO in the first place.

Lon3wolf1474d ago

So what are the missing 2% playing it on?

HugoDrax1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

VITA? :-/ Oh wait that's Borderlands 2...

salmon_slapped1474d ago

2% = pc gamers waiting anxiously

Chrono1474d ago

2% will beg for a WiiU port.

Applejack1474d ago

I know this is wrong but I laughed.

Menkyo1473d ago

What do you mean "will" they already are crying about it not being on Wii U. At this point it should just be called the Nintendo player.

OculusRift1474d ago

No PC :( .. Some of us can't afford a console

BiggerBoss1474d ago

I'm assuming you're joking, because if you can afford to keep a decent gaming PC up to date then you should have no problem affording a console

Septic1474d ago

Its not as black and white as that. Almost every household needs a PC. He might be a in position to have a PC (decent gaming PC's don't cost millions like some here like to state) plus afford some upgrades (or his household PC came with a decent GPU, processor etc).

OculusRift1474d ago

Yeah, because everyone can afford to throw down $450(price for PS4 in my area) at once for a console. It's not like me or any other pc gamer saved up for weeks to catch different parts on sale or used. You and everyone else who disagreed with me and agreed with you need to get your heads out out of your asses and think about everyone else.

Volkama1474d ago

Rumoured for about March. It's been seen in steam db already, and Activision pretty much acknowledge it makes sense.

But I'll be xboxing it in September, because playing with friends is better than playing with more pixels.

Sevir1474d ago

Lol! Considering that more people played on PS4 and PS3 than XBO and XB360 I'm pretty sure that point you made is null. You can play with friends or join in a stranger's party and play too.

I'll take that plus more pixels on PS4. :)

Volkama1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Null how? How many people play a particular version does not change the fact that my own friends are playing on the xbox version, so I will play there.

I wasn't trying to imply that the One version was the best version.

Incidentally, the PS4 and One versions both have the same number of pixels. About 25% of the number my PC would render the game in. Capiche?