Should Nokia use touchscreens or buttons for N-Gage games?

N-Gage writes: "The success of the Nintendo DS has proved that touchscreens and games can go together very well, and Nokia announced last year that they will be releasing touchscreen phones in 2008. Are we going to therefore start seeing touch-based N-Gage games, and if so, would that be a good idea? In this special in-depth article, All About N-Gage takes a look at the pros and cons of touchscreen phone gaming, and ponder whether this would suit the N-Gage platform."

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Imallvol73815d ago

Ugh . . .use buttons if you want any REAL games. I have tried to use my ipod touch for games and its only good for causal games like poker or connect four. TOUCH SCREENS SUCK FOR REAL GAMES. Trying to play my NEW emulator on my touch is a nightmare without raised buttons.