Otaku girl lays bare her gaming addiction

Housebound. Shao Xiaomeng, a 24-year-old model in China, is obsessed with online games.

This is what they call the Otaku Syndrome, a term that originated from Japan that refers to young people so obsessed with manga or video games that they do not leave the house.

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starchild1468d ago

Nice. Her current addiction is League of Legends and she doesn't like the fufu anime games.

"The games with cute characters and backdrops in pink tones are not my cup of tea, only Otaku guys like to play these kinds of games," she says.

Gorgeous girl, too.

Arkardo1468d ago

Absolutely gorgeous girl, such a shame she must be enjoying her life on all levels.

But sincerely, I'm envious that I don't have time to play games everyday like some people hahahaha.

NiteX1468d ago

14 hours non-stop? That's insane, I think my most was maybe 5.

MRMagoo1231468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

When ff7 first released on ps1 I played that game 2 days none stop , I just paused went to the toilet or ate when needed and that was it lol back in the school days when you didn't have bills to worry about and crap lol.

NarooN1468d ago

Wow. I think my longest non-stop session was about 8 hours, and that was when MGS4 first came out, lol. Passed out, woke up later, then started playing again, lol.

Paprika1468d ago

Still the first cut scene hadn't finished!!

No really, I loved that game! Master class in game quality, IMO.

DigitalRaptor1468d ago

LOL. That's almost what happened with me.

Played it til the early hours, fell asleep. Woken up by a family member knocking on my door, greeted them, after they left I carried MGS4 to its glorious end.

Paul_JC1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I think my longest gaming session was about 10 hours... but I had small 10 minute breaks now and then. This was when Mass Effect 3 came out lol

I also had a long gaming session when I was younger with Metroid Prime on Gamecube haha... think that was also about 9ish hours.

contradictory1468d ago

hoho, that's interesting
the exact same thing happened to me except with
Mass Effect 2

i played the entire game on the span of 5 days
and played 6-10 hours everyday

there's only few games i've beaten in such a short time
with the exception of games that in generally are very short like Journey

Paprika1468d ago

I was crazy for mass effect 2. Put it on At 9pm or so.... started getting light it was 5am before I knew it!

Salooh1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Completed(Platinum) uncharted 1 and world at war in like 10 to 12 hours each. One session for each :). But i', not sure that's longest session i had XD . I have a feeling i did more >.< ..

HammadTheBeast1468d ago

When I had a PS1, I didn't have a memory card so I stayed up for ~13 hours playing Spyro: Year of the Dragon. I didn't end up finishing it, so I left the PS1 on through the night. Surprisingly it was fine next day.

WheatBread1468d ago

I went 8-9 hours straight playing OOT and shenmue 2, but that was years ago. Now I can't play a game longer than an hour before getting bored/distracted.

DigitalRaptor1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I savoured Shenmue II for as long as i could first time around, perhaps not intentionally at the time. I did play it for around 6 hours at a time though.

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