TwitchTV Final Fantasy XIV ARR Stream Gets Too Red Hot For Viewers

A user on Twitch has been finding very interesting ways of keeping themselves entertained in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. Twitch members where shocked as they came across this bizarre stream as they witnessed what can only describe as some very red hot hands on action.

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danniellelewis1472d ago

WTF am I looking at! LMAO people have too much time on their hands sitting around the realm creating their own little fantasies.

Tctczach1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

And that is super sad if it is from a sexual gratification outlook and not an entertainment outlook.

Magicite1472d ago

Best MMORPG at the moment.

PurpHerbison1471d ago

Wish it had some sort of open world PvP. Something to make you look over your shoulders while doing the easy quests.

charliewong9801472d ago

Guess anything goes in the realm. How do I find this jacuzzi bathing area?

Frankskint1472d ago

Why you wanna simulate something similar. The last comment on the page said twitch had banned this stream.

alvinmiller921472d ago

Nothing wrong with a little lady on lady hentai love. :)

I am sure the developers new exactly what some gamers were going to do, creating this steamy under water cave of hot cat ladies.

shallowpoint1471d ago

Its in the Desert forgot the name but starts with an S!

EdnaJones971472d ago

FFXIV sucks and from things like this i know it was created by a bunch of horny geeks, who never got much action in the sack. SMH.

henrythomas2841472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Seems like someone has their knickers in a twist. Its Final Fantasy chill out, we can't all be out running about in Eorzeo, sometimes you need a little Mclovin to really spice things up.

patelsanjeed1472d ago

I remember a friend of mine losing his mind the first time he saw a flash of Chun li's panties during a pause scene in Street Fighter. He had just bought the game and came round to test it out. He seemed a little too excited all of a sudden, quickly excusing himself to get home real quick to help his parents sort out some chores, mmmph yeah right some chores.

Wonder what he would do if he saw this. LMAO

ArronNelson1472d ago

Chun li is so Hott. I wouldn't mind her kicking me with those stunning hentai legs of hers anyday. YAP YAP YAP

paul-p19881472d ago

I think you mean "FAP FAP FAP" :)

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The story is too old to be commented.