Fan Accuses Naughty Dog of False Advertising Unified Pool in TLOU: Remastered PS4, Demands Free Maps

When Naughty Dog first announced The Last of Us: Remastered, the main selling point for Playstation 3 players who already own The Last of Us was "Unified Player Pool". However, recently Naughty Dog announced that The Last of Us: Remastered will receive two new PAID DLC maps, Financial Plaza and unannounced map, and this decision has not gone too well with Playstation gamers as it affects everyone's expectations in a negative way.

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eezo1438d ago

Eating own words is really bad for business.

ZodTheRipper1438d ago

Giving out free maps and DLC would be bad for business. Would you want to work 8 hours a day just to make someone happy instead of getting paid for it?

eezo1438d ago

then why to commit before..if you can't deliver.

donthate1438d ago

That's odd then that Guerilla Games can do it with Killzone: Shadowfall?

They must not get paid then?

Reality is that people aren't upset about content being released, but they are upset because their expectation was set BY Sony isn't met!

thehitman13981437d ago

To eezo and youaresalty, why didn't u add n comment that cod nor bf gives free maps. So why are you not going mass hysterical about them not giving free stuff. What about titanfail, they just released dlc, guess whatt, it WASN'T FREE!

So stop trying to pretend ur not a butthurt xboner.

donthate1437d ago


Neither of CoD, BF4 and Titanfall indicated that you would get all the content with the remake, only to have new content out basically a week after.

I am not a huge fan of DLC especially on multiplayer games, because it splits the community. So I think KZ: Shadowfall got it right.

That said, I bought the season pas on Titanfall with the expectation that I will get 3 content packs and no more!

So stop trying to blame others for Naughty Dogs f' up! I think I now see why Naughty Dog's senior employees are leaving. They probably are seeing a negative shift in management and are all running.

levian1437d ago

When you remaster a game, the expectation is that it comes with any previously released DLC as well as some extras that weren't in the original.

Bad for business? They aren't making a new game here. They're essentially getting paid twice for the same thing. When a game is made they use higher quality textures and features they know probably can't be implemented, and they scale it down before launch. They basically only had to use their original graphics they created the game with, and polish a few things here and there.

For this minimal effort, they get to charge full price on a game they just sold for full price a year ago. On top of that, working on paid DLC while remastering your game, when most other remasters develop extra content to come WITH the remastered game. If you want to look at how a remaster should be done, look at FFX/X-2. It comes with content that wasn't in the original North American release, as well as some extras. And they aren't charging a full $60 for it either.

Besides that, I don't understand the praise for this game. Sure, it was fun but it wasn't anything new. The story was told well but it wasn't a unique story, it was a cliched one we've heard multiple times before. I don't worship any gaming company. I buy and play good games. I bough TLOU once and it was fun, but this is where I draw the line. No pointless overpriced HD remakes with money grabbing DLC for me thank you

Dirtnapstor1437d ago

Not a fan of DLC, then what's the issue?
All the content was included...they just added more. So what. If a player wants to invest, let them. No one's downplaying your DLC purchase choices right?

Someone's always got to hate something, expecting compensation somehow... trendy now.

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SilentNegotiator1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

Let me get this straight...they promised "all of the DLC" when what is included in TLoU WAS all of the DLC, and now it's "false advertisement" because they're bringing out additional DLC and not giving it away for free?

Anything to attack Sony and get hits. Gotta piggyback that one case of ACTUAL false advertisement and act like every major PS release has it.

I'd call "entitlement", but that's not what this is about. For the one "fan" that made the claim, maybe, but that's not why this article exists; it exists because it's a hits bonanza.

funkybudda1437d ago

And this is why education is important, if this fan actually had proper education, he would understand it.

XSpike1437d ago

Article is a load of bull, apart from the maps should be free. But ND never lied, the dude was asking if PS4 matchmaking would be quicker, which ND replied yes as PS4 has 1 pool of players which the PS3 version is split into 3 groups due to the DLC maps.

Not sure how or where the article writer got ND lied to them, or that it was about cross play as that was never mentioned

sam_job1438d ago

didn't expected something like this from Naughty Dog, the studio which is known for supporting and listening to Playstation community......

wsoutlaw871438d ago

Dlc maps? Why would you not expect or want additional maps from nd? Some peoples whining is really getting ridiculous. We constantly have to read about someone crying because every thing isnt exactly how they want it.

ZodTheRipper1438d ago

They are supporting and listening, that's why they are making this. They are just not working for free,since when are we entitled to free DLC?

AndrewLB1438d ago

You're entitled to free DLC when the remake was explicitly advertised as "including all DLC".

You also have to love the way they suckered so many into paying for "season pass" which got cut-off just in time for this new version.

But in the end... what did you all expect from a company who managed to convince everyone that the "remastered" version was something more than the PS3 game that runs at higher resolution, adds some ambient occlusion, better shadow filtering, and anisotropic filtering. You guys pretty much bought the same game twice, and now they expect you to buy the DLC again.

ainsleyharriott1437d ago

They still get paid at the end of the day by Sony, giving out free dlc wont make a difference to that.

levian1437d ago

No, they aren't working for free. But the price of a remaster shouldn't be $60 unless it comes with extra content. The work they did in the form of new DLC should have came with the remaster

Salooh1437d ago

I bought the remaster expecting the dlc's they released and i got them. When the game released they decided they will make extra dlc's which is not part of the disc or ready to be used right now . These new dlc's are not part of the season pass. So why the hell would you expect them for free ?

What's up with you people -.- .

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-Foxtrot1438d ago

Naughtydog and their online games (Sigh)

One step forward...two steps back

SonyAddict1437d ago

I'm playing it and loving it and your probably missing out on it!.

GeofferyPeterson1438d ago

Faceplam. Let's all bitch about tiny tinny things all the time. It will make everything better . Grow up people, and just enjoy your badass games that a lot of people have put countless hours of their own lives into for your enjoyment. First World Problems.

Razjin1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

The gaming community is not the same as it use to be in the 90's. Just a whole bunch of whiners now.....sigh.

nucky641438d ago

I don't think it's just gamers - the rise of the internet has produced a whole new breed of person that lives for negativity. you see it in games, movies, politics, religion....anything.

Patrick_pk441438d ago

And entitled idiots who believe everything should be in their favour.

imt5581438d ago

So glad that i am the generation gamers from late 80's.

shallowpoint1438d ago

These people need to visit the MVD! Bunch of babies who don't even own a PS4...

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diehardmetallicafan1438d ago

agreed. too many f*cking wingers! entitled little bastards should be thankful they can voice their bullshit little opinions on the 'internet' when people in other countries are at war and conflict, or just struggling with clean water, food and medicine.

Shadow-Man_41438d ago

I think you should grow up and read what the issue here is first. It's not about people not wanting to support ND, or hating on them. It's about people wanting a UNIFIED player pool in TLOU MP.

Please read the thread before bashing people left and right. The original thread's purpose was to say paid maps ruin the experience for everyone. Have hats, taunts, customization DLC paid, but release those TWO maps for free. It's not ALL map packs, it's only the next two maps that are going to be released soon that we want them to be free. That's all.

Have a good day, sir.

mydyingparadiselost1438d ago

Wouldn't it be nice if people read articles and posted thoughtful comments instead of blatant fanboy rage and baseless accusations? Seems now all sides of an argument lead to just doing circles over the same fluff while ignoring actual conversation of the point at hand.