PS Vita Update 3.18 May be Designed to Stop Homebrew Exploits

The latest update to the PS Vita may be designed to stop users from using homebrew software.

The sales of games on the previous-gen PSP were heavily impacted due to exploits in the system that allowed users to install and play pirated games on the device. It goes without saying that the exploit was bad for Sony’s business, and having a repeat of that would certainly doom the device, which hopes to compete with the Nintendo 3DS/2DS.

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ninjahunter1470d ago

Its irritating to see mandatory updates that do not benefit legitimate customers. Its not a big deal but its still annoying.
I cant imagine it would be that hard to tack on something simple like "Can keep individual right joystick settings for each of your psp games".

Canary-00831469d ago

These do benefit the legitimate consumers, though. You have to look at the long-term view. Did you never wonder why software support for the PSP declined so sharply? Or (admittedly to a lesser extent) for the Xbox 360 or Dreamcast? Rampant piracy.

Piracy diminishes the profitability of games, which makes it harder had harder for developers to justify porting or localizing games to a heavily pirated platform and make it so only big-budget titles are viable--but even those don't make enough back to fully recoup.

Make the Vita as easy to pirate games on as the PSP and it'll be dead within a year.

ninjahunter1469d ago

I suppose $100 memory cards are beneficial to me over sd cards as well. Or always on DRM, and who knows I hear mandatory online fees are all the rage.

They all make sony money, and help prevent piracy. And they all screw over the consumer ' for the long run'.

smt_Nocturne1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

so locking the vita memory for 1 user and making a portable device for 1 person only is a good thing/prevent piracy ?

in case you wonder...the vita was like PSP/PS3/PS4
you can log into any of your accounts, download content and play normally but they removed it with 1.80 firmware to sell more memory cards ?

DarkOcelet1470d ago

Honestly homebrew its always bad i mean the things you can do withit are actually amazing other than playing pirated games but i understand the necessity of these updates

CuddlyREDRUM1469d ago

If everyone waited for Sony for content it would never happen.

All_Consoles1470d ago

It would be cool if modders made it possible to install android on the thing. I run a great deal of emulators on my nvidia shield. Dreamcast and psp play with ease

inf3cted11470d ago

How about making an update that'a actually useful? When was the last time this console was updated anyways?

Canary-00831469d ago

They a added folders last year, right?

Lou Ferrigno1470d ago

all they need to do is make the Memory cards cheaper and i'll hop on that so fast..and maybe others as well.

PS VITA is an amazing machine and very underrated needs support for AAA games and cheap memory cards and they have a chance at making a come back.

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