New Sonic Boom screenshots

SEGA released new screenshots from Sonic Boom.

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MSBAUSTX1139d ago

These shots look good. I might give this one a chance. Not sure yet though, maybe 3ds first since it is cheaper

Venox20081138d ago

3DS version is a different game, I say you should go with Wii U version

SegaGamer1139d ago

It doesn't look like a Sonic game to me, i'll probably still like it because i like platform games and am a big Sonic fan.

Venox20081138d ago

it's a spin-off after all :) I hope its gonna be a good game, I enjoy platformers as well :)

Sheed1139d ago

i hate to be the pessimist but, i personally don't find the screenshots too impressive.
I found Sonic Unleashed (a game from 2008) far more visually impressive than this.

linkenski1139d ago

I agree. It looks like something out of a Wii game but in 720p instead so it looks slightly sharper. The game's reveal trailer wasn't this downgraded either.

Lon3wolf1139d ago

Aren't those 3ds screens?

Sheed1139d ago

I'm talking about the Wii U screenshots specifically.
The 3ds has an excuse since the team is working with limited software

MSBAUSTX1138d ago

Man i think sonic unleashed was very under rated. It was a very good looking game and actually pretty fun. Werewolf form got repettitive at times but really the game was good and pretty too.

imXify1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Colors needs a saturation bump. The screenshots looks like mud seriously.

They should have made the game using Havok engine instead of Cry Engine. The game seems downgrade like hell since the first trailer.

addictedtochaos1139d ago

If you notice, not all screenshots are from the Wii U version. Some, are from the 3DS.

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