Sierra Entertainment Headed to Gamescom

Sierra Entertainment may be headed to Gamescom as of a link that Geoff Keighley tweeted moments ago.


Geoff Keighley has further tweeted as of credible sources that the company, The Odd Gentlemen is working on a new King's Quest game.

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BitbyDeath1470d ago

Thought these guys shut the doors years ago?
Bring back the quest games, genre appears to now be non-existant.

Snakester951470d ago

It looks like they were purchased by Activision and then kind of just went quiet judging by their wikipedia page.

Soldierone1470d ago

They have technically speaking been "shut down" two or three times now and keep coming back.

When Activision bought Vivendi, they also got Sierra and tried to just sell that asset with no luck. They've been there, just not doing anything. Perhaps Activision is just trying to add value to Sierra to get rid of it?

Dante811470d ago

YES, charming Quest games for everyone to enjoy.

ChozenWoan1470d ago

I want them to bring back the Star Siege Universe. Star Siege and Tribes where so awesome that games today are just now catching up on some of their features.

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nope1111470d ago

I thought they closed?

Snakester951470d ago

Apparently Activision was going to sell them and their titles but I'm going to safely assume they didn't. As the logo is there and Activision is on the site, it's certainly them. There's gotta be some sort of announcement at Gamescom but it's hard to say what.

jay21470d ago

so theyre the devs behind the crash reboot cool

scark921470d ago

I would not be very hyped if a new Crash came out, unless it was made by Naughty Dog.

Lucreto1470d ago

More than likely it is Crash but I really hope it is a new King's Quest.

_LarZen_1470d ago

The inner child in me just went crazy. Welcome back Sierra, we missed you!

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