Twitch Will Now Mute Streams Featuring Copyrighted Music, and Why This Might Actually Be Good

8CN: Anyone who's used Youtube in the last couple years probably knows how this system works. If Youtube detects copyrighted music present in your video, the entire video is automatically muted. It would appear that Twitch.TV, the popular video game streaming site, is implementing a similar system. Before we get all up in arms about it, though, let's explore why this might be a good thing.

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admiralvic1509d ago

There is nothing good about this system and is easily one of my least favorite aspects of YT. While I can't speak for others, it sucks uploading a 30 - 40 minute long video and then something completely random (like the games opening) triggers it and my whole video gets muted, so I have to then remove the opening (usually they're pretty cool too =[) and then reupload and then hope it doesn't happen again. With Twitch it seems even more arbitrary given the general real time aspect of it. In most cases you can't control what songs will come on during a game (like say the ending song to Double Dragon, Portal or BattleBlock) and without warning it can negatively impact you.

The only solace I take in this choice is that it will negatively impact both the reception of Twitch going forward and force them to either change or someone new to rise up.

Orpheo1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Someone already has, it's called U-Stream. From my time with it, U-Stream seems to have better picture quality and less lag than Twitch as well.

I'm glad us PlayStation gamers got support for this out-the-door. To the X-Box brethren, you have my sympathies.

dasbeer881507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

How was your comment posted one day and 13 hours ago while this opinion article was submitted to N4G 30 minutes ago?

Neoninja1507d ago

I think that's when it was approved, but it was submitted a day and however many hours ago.

Skate-AK1507d ago

Probably got approved 30 mins ago but got submitted over a day ago.

admiralvic1507d ago

"How was your comment posted one day and 13 hours ago while this opinion article was submitted to N4G 30 minutes ago?"

It's based off how the two timers on N4G work. You see, when you submit an article to N4G it starts in the pending area with its own time. In the case of this article, that was 1 day 16+ hours ago and it waits to be approved. From there the article has 2 days to get approved or it's automatically failed. Once an article gets approved the counter resets to zero and it will appear on the front page and in some cases make it to the top 10 news articles of the day. After 24 hours passes, the article is removed from the top 10 (if it made it) and is moved to the top weekly articles (if it was that big of a deal). Finally after a week it's pretty much no longer relevant and more or less disappears.

TL;DR The time you're looking at is when the article was approved, not submitted.

brich2331507d ago

On the top right thiers a section with pending articles, look for a number on the top right and click on it. Mine says 112 right now.

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d3nworth11507d ago

Plus its free advertisement for the artist. You hear the once you want to hear it again you got to buy it. The whole idea is just idiotic. Its like you go to a friends house and watch them play a game but they have to mute the TV cuz the is copyright music in it.

Kivespussi1508d ago

Even if the system would work, which it doesn't, it would be only bad. How does playing copyrighted music on background would affect the artist? It's free advertising!

sashimi1507d ago

its over folks, slow death of twitch is happening.

Software_Lover1507d ago

More like, slow death of freedom. Corporations are taking over...........Continuum.

HacSawJimThugin1507d ago

Love that show...wish the lead actress could fill out that bodysuit more lol.

Letros1507d ago, Switch from Twitch

Ghost_Nappa1507d ago

Article title is false, streams will not be muted. Only archived broadcasts are affected.

Ghost_Nappa1507d ago

I challenge anyone to explain why you would disagree with my above statement.

gamer78041507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

lol this is n4g, there is no science behind disagrees.

(i would disagree with myself but i can't) :)

BrianG1507d ago

Thank you Ghost, wanted to make sure someone else didn't post this first. But you are right.

Streamers are still allowed to stream copyrighted music, but they can not have it stored, which is why the VOD's are muted.

Article should have never been approved under that title.

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