Will Advanced Warfare Steal Away Some Of Destiny's Hype?

With the multiplayer reveal for the new Call of Duty on the immediate horizon, it seems like the CoD hype train might finally start to get rolling.

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Thatguy-3101469d ago

I doubt it. What Destiny has going for it is that it's a new IP. The hype between the COD titles have dwindled down over the years.

ZodTheRipper1468d ago

And there are 2 months between both releases... what a stupid article.

XBLSkull1468d ago

Agreed, Destiny will be out 2 months prior. Once CoD comes out all us Destiny players are going to be switching over to the Master Chief Collection anyways. Should be an article about Halo Rereleases stealing CoD's thunder.

ArchangelMike1468d ago

At the moment, the Destiny PRe-orders are much higher than COD:AW pre-orders. However we all know that pre-order numbers are not a true reflection until the week before a game releases, and COD:AW doesn't release until November.

However, going by the Beta numbers, Destiny will have a record breaking release for a new IP (it will beat Watchdogs). The question is, will COD:AW have a record breaking release? IT will be big, but I doubt it will be as big as previous games in the series.

thehobbyist1468d ago

I don't think it'll break any records. Especially since a lot of people don't trust Infinity Ward after Ghosts. Especially the PC community that got shafted by the god awful port.

XStation1467d ago


Infinity Ward isn't developing Advanced Warfare.

Chevalier1468d ago

Exactly! The hype have dropped off themselves, by tarnishing their own franchise with yearly releases. In my store preorders of this game have been pretty low considering how late we are and where we're at my store should already have double what we have now. It's probably the lowest preorders we've seen for a COD games in the last 6 years.

Destiny however is right on track for us to have our numbers up there with previous COD games. The numbers we're seeing right now for Destiny preorders is exactly where COD should be as well.

Also like ZodTheRipper said it's out a whole 2 months before COD and should not be affected a lot by COD. That's probably why Activision set up the release to be September. They don't want COD preorders to mess with their huge Destiny release and vice versa.

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gamer11381468d ago

Only if destiny is too short/quick to complete. I question the replayability of destiny and it's pvp. I just have this feeling that everyone is going to buy destiny, finish in a weekend and that is it. Just doesn't seem to be enough to explore in the worlds. Put my fears to rest bungie! I believe that wizards do come from the moon!

Cryptcuzz1468d ago

I am going to be getting both Destiny and CoD: Advance Warfare, so this is what I don't get from your comment.

Even if we were to consider that to do everything there is to do in Destiny would take up the same amount of time as in the next CoD game (I doubt this, a big part of the game is collecting the rare, legendary and exotic equipment, which will take a lot of time and commitment) then everyone would be then focusing on the PVP side of the game after.

That is what almost everyone does with CoD from the get go. They go on and play PVP multi-player and rarely cares for the campaign (though the next one could be different with Kevin Spacey)

So if we were to consider that PVP for both Destiny and the next CoD would both have long replayability for a lot of people and the fact that Destiny is going to be getting constant updates with new content like missions. It is a sure bet that Destiny will have more replayability than the next CoD game for a lot of people.

Zancruz1468d ago

Short answer?! NO just no....

Godz Kastro1468d ago

I think the question is will Destiny steal some of COD's light. As much as people scoff at COD it is a beast among many hardcore gamers and casuals alike.

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