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Will Advanced Warfare Steal Away Some Of Destiny's Hype?

With the multiplayer reveal for the new Call of Duty on the immediate horizon, it seems like the CoD hype train might finally start to get rolling. (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Destiny, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

dboyc310  +   236d ago
I doubt it. What Destiny has going for it is that it's a new IP. The hype between the COD titles have dwindled down over the years.
ZodTheRipper  +   236d ago
And there are 2 months between both releases... what a stupid article.
XBLSkull  +   235d ago
Agreed, Destiny will be out 2 months prior. Once CoD comes out all us Destiny players are going to be switching over to the Master Chief Collection anyways. Should be an article about Halo Rereleases stealing CoD's thunder.
ArchangelMike  +   236d ago
At the moment, the Destiny PRe-orders are much higher than COD:AW pre-orders. However we all know that pre-order numbers are not a true reflection until the week before a game releases, and COD:AW doesn't release until November.

However, going by the Beta numbers, Destiny will have a record breaking release for a new IP (it will beat Watchdogs). The question is, will COD:AW have a record breaking release? IT will be big, but I doubt it will be as big as previous games in the series.
thehobbyist  +   235d ago
I don't think it'll break any records. Especially since a lot of people don't trust Infinity Ward after Ghosts. Especially the PC community that got shafted by the god awful port.
XStation  +   235d ago

Infinity Ward isn't developing Advanced Warfare.
Chevalier  +   235d ago
Exactly! The hype have dropped off themselves, by tarnishing their own franchise with yearly releases. In my store preorders of this game have been pretty low considering how late we are and where we're at my store should already have double what we have now. It's probably the lowest preorders we've seen for a COD games in the last 6 years.

Destiny however is right on track for us to have our numbers up there with previous COD games. The numbers we're seeing right now for Destiny preorders is exactly where COD should be as well.

Also like ZodTheRipper said it's out a whole 2 months before COD and should not be affected a lot by COD. That's probably why Activision set up the release to be September. They don't want COD preorders to mess with their huge Destiny release and vice versa.
The_Infected  +   236d ago
I'll probably like Advanced Warfare better because the campaign and multiplayer is 60fps and looks to innovate without changing the formula to much. Also the story looks great so far.

Destiny multiplayer was lackluster to me and being 30fps didn't help. Don't get me wrong Destiny seems like a good game but not amazing like it's made out to be. It's just over hyped IMO.
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DeadlyOreo  +   235d ago
I have to slightly agree here. I think I'm in the minority who actually is more excited for Advanced Warfare than Destiny. I'll pick both up, but Advanced Warfare looks a whole lot better than previous entries in the series.
bennissimo  +   235d ago
You're not alone. I played the Destiny beta enough to get bored with it and reverse my pre-order. COD will return to my collection, because AW CAN'T be as bad as Ghosts was. It just CAN'T.
mcarsehat  +   235d ago
I'm also like that. I've never been a fan of Halo or Borderlands so making a Halo/Borderlands style Space-Cod isn't going to tickle my fancy, i tried the Beta once and saw exactly what the game would be like almost EVERY time i play it.

I have always been into Call of Duty but hated Ghosts, i hated it's rushed campaign and Pro-Gamer nature but had Titanfall for only a week because of it's casual nature. Just give me a Cod game with a great campaign and i'll go on MP when i want.
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objdadon  +   235d ago
From what I've seen they changed the formula a hell of a lot! We shall see!
gamer1138  +   236d ago
Only if destiny is too short/quick to complete. I question the replayability of destiny and it's pvp. I just have this feeling that everyone is going to buy destiny, finish in a weekend and that is it. Just doesn't seem to be enough to explore in the worlds. Put my fears to rest bungie! I believe that wizards do come from the moon!
Cryptcuzz  +   235d ago
I am going to be getting both Destiny and CoD: Advance Warfare, so this is what I don't get from your comment.

Even if we were to consider that to do everything there is to do in Destiny would take up the same amount of time as in the next CoD game (I doubt this, a big part of the game is collecting the rare, legendary and exotic equipment, which will take a lot of time and commitment) then everyone would be then focusing on the PVP side of the game after.

That is what almost everyone does with CoD from the get go. They go on and play PVP multi-player and rarely cares for the campaign (though the next one could be different with Kevin Spacey)

So if we were to consider that PVP for both Destiny and the next CoD would both have long replayability for a lot of people and the fact that Destiny is going to be getting constant updates with new content like missions. It is a sure bet that Destiny will have more replayability than the next CoD game for a lot of people.
Zancruz  +   235d ago
Short answer?! NO just no....
Godz Kastro  +   235d ago
I think the question is will Destiny steal some of COD's light. As much as people scoff at COD it is a beast among many hardcore gamers and casuals alike.
Alicornium  +   235d ago
Um, no? Call of Duty fans are honestly quite loyal to their fanbase, and hopefully they're open to trying out other games.
gangsta_red  +   235d ago

Destiny will probably see a short surge but when this beast drops you will see a huge decrease in ALL other games.

Gamers have been asking for a complete re-haul of this CoD series for the longest and now it's finally here. You can bet that Activision will release all the marketing demons it has caged to make sure that this is the game that everyone will be playing.
Cryptcuzz  +   235d ago
I am sure Activision would have just as big of a marketing push for Destiny as well. Aren't Activision the publisher for Destiny as well?

I will be buying both and looking forward to be playing both, unless they release the next CoD as broken as Battlefield 4, that is.
gangsta_red  +   235d ago
Yes Activision is in bed with both.

But CoD is the bigger title, the known IP and the huge money maker, the grand puba.

Destiny is the new IP, unknown, and untested and made across all platforms to soften the blow in case the title doesn't do well.

Activision will give Destiny a push but will soon let it ride on it's own as soon as CoD approaches closer to release. In fact I wouldn't doubt that Activision start to advertise CoD within the Destiny game.
Cryptcuzz  +   235d ago
I agree that CoD is the bigger brand and will go down in selling more than Destiny, but if any new IP has a chance in selling the amount that CoD does, its going to be Destiny.

The developer has a huge fan base and their beta alone had 4.6 million different players during its peak.

Either way, I am looking forward to getting both Destiny soon and Advance Warfare when it is available, I believe in October on the PS4.
GrandpaSnake  +   235d ago
disagree, the only re-haul i have seen is character upgrades for the story. I can already see them using the same cut scenes and set ups for campaign.
Douchebag696  +   235d ago
Why is this even an issue? I think most people are excited by having multiple game choices infront of them.
iceman06  +   235d ago
Not to mention that Activision will be laughing all the way to the bank either way since they publish BOTH IP.
MSBAUSTX  +   235d ago
It might until everyone realizes it is mor COD garbage with a shinier package and Destiny is a new frontier in online gaming. Doesn't matter what the new COD has it has lost a large portion of its supporters in the past two years or so. Destiny is something new and hyped to the max. It will steal from COD. Not the other way around.
ShaqSoda  +   235d ago
Bungie really did over hype Destiny though. Before the beta they talked about planet exploration and now we find out there's only a few places on each planet you can go and only so many missions. Still think it's going to be a great game.
thehobbyist  +   235d ago
Beta is Beta. And not indicative of the final product.
iceman06  +   235d ago
I would disagree. I think that Bungie SOLD Destiny as any developer should. It's the media and gamers that feed into the media that "over hyped" Destiny. Bungie made a statement and the media ran wild with speculation...which caused gamers to speculate even MORE. That being said, this is the CoD phenomenon each and every release at least since MW2. Great trailer, multiplayer release video, hype out of this world, followed by supposed "disappointment" yet continuing to play the game. There are several streamers, even competitive ones in eSports, that hate the game but play 8-10 hours a day. Why? People are still very interested in the game.
Enemy  +   235d ago
Either way, Activision wins.
GodGinrai  +   235d ago
I hate to say it, but yes it will. COD os like coca cola, out here. I will be playing Destiny, Halo MMC and CoD on the same platform, but I have no doubt which one will be more popular with my friends. Destiny still does not register on the average joe's radar. CoD looks like a better Cod, which may be enough for that huge horde that buys the damn game every year.

Who is destiny attracting other than halo stalwarts on Xbox and curious PS fans who never played a bungie game before? Be honest when answering that...
windblowsagain  +   235d ago
COD and all Console games need to take that autoaim crap off.

There is no need for any of it.

If it is really needed or would be used, then make the servers reflect that.

Killz in COD require no skill. Sniping is too easy and very poorly done. Basically it's a kids game.

There is no feel to the game. Movement is floaty and doesn't feel like your hitting anything.

I Hope destiny does better then COD.
OculusRift  +   235d ago
Have you ever played a FPS without aim assist on a controller?? You should try it sometime. Because of the analogue sticks it's damn near impossible to shoot in some games, but I do agree to some degree that it need to be turned down. A little assist is nice, but too much and it just sucks the need for skill out.
Omar91  +   235d ago
Activision wins either way
700p  +   235d ago
There is barely any hype for call of duty at this point.
AstroCyborg  +   235d ago
yes it will because its cod
Reek  +   235d ago
I don't think so. Destiny is the real deal imo.

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