Did Casey Hudson Leave Bioware Over Mass Effect 4?

The gaming industry is shocked and saddened by todays news of Casey Hudson's departure from Bioware and although on the surface, his resignation letter may appear to focus on a new direction, we wonder if there is more to this sudden departure announcement than meets the eye.

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lisamorgan41467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Considering how Mass Effect 3 ended I would say it was for the best he left now.

ArronNelson1467d ago

what was so bad with this guy?

Godmars2901467d ago

Likely nothing. Just like the rest us though he was in charge of how a game was made.

And as such, when push came to shove, he took creative control away from the his dev team, ignored established quality checks, and caused the uproar with ME3's ending. I'm certain that many here, being pressured by superiors to finish a project, would do the same. Even go on and try to sell the resulting mistakes to a disgruntled audience.

Still, he tried to sell a heaping pile to a disgruntled audience. Publicly that still makes him a douche.

aLucidMind1467d ago

Supposedly, he and Mac Walters wrote ME3's original ending with absolutely no peer review and just shoe-horned it in. Because none of the other writers had any say in the ending, in addition to how poorly written and presented it was, many showed disdain towards Hudson and Walters. The fact that he outright refused to speak to any customers at all was taken as an admission of guilt. Especially after he broke silence and gave the impression that Mass Effect was HIS game and not the fans'/customers' (how he worded it, closer look at what he said proves that wasn't what he meant).

The above rumor was started by a writer who left some time during or shortly after ME3's production. Since it is merely hearsay what happened, the hatred towards Hudson is unwarranted in my opinion. Though Walters should have known better than to let that ending go through in the first place.

-Foxtrot1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

He let Mass Effect turn into a shadow of its former self and apparently he quickly wrote the ending himself in the back room....rush job and all.

brish1467d ago

I think people are being a bit harsh towards him.

Most bioware games used to take three years to made. Mass Effect 3 was done in two. EA sets the budget and time frames for game development. Yes the ending for Mass Effect 3 seemed rushed but EA set the schedule. It's likely he tried to do the best ending he could in the time allotted.

Look at the bf3, bf4, simcity, etc fiascoes. Again EA forced games to be released before they were ready. I think bioware did a better job of releasing a working product in the ridiculous time frames that EA forces it's studios to abide by than some of their other studios.

This reminds me of this video.

If Electronic Arts were 100% honest with us... (warning swears):

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700p1467d ago

The thing is, the studio he was in which was (bioware edmonton) isnt making the next mass effect. They're making that new ip which has multiple teasers already. SO his departure has nothing to do with mass effect. Bioware montreal is making the new mass effect and probably series.

ArronNelson1467d ago

@700 since he was the chief director, I am sure he had some sort of decision making power, even if it was on some sort of advisory role right?

TekoIie1467d ago

Wasn't he also featured in the E3 video for ME4? He's got something to do with it regardless of location if it was him.

C-H-E-F1467d ago

Welp... welcome to Sony it wouldn't surprise me... after losing some heavy hitters ourselves.

Team_Litt1467d ago

Ourselves? You don't actually believe you are a part of Sony do you? Wow!

C-H-E-F1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Well seeing that I work at ccp games here in Atlanta Ga off of east ponce I will say yes... I am a part of Sony... Lmfao dumb ass

B.S in Game and Simulation Programming... Because you don't know someone's life doesn't mean you know their life.

Letthewookiewin1467d ago

I thought he already left a while ago to brew his own beer or something?

starchild1467d ago

That was the former Bioware CEOs/founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka. They left and I think one of them expressed the intention to spend (more) time brewing his own beer. I might be mistaken about that though.

Letthewookiewin1467d ago

@Starchild Thanks! I couldn't remember.

WitWolfy1467d ago

NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH HEY HEY GOOD BYE!!! God I hated that lying sack of human life.

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alvinmiller921467d ago

A shame to see him leave. Really don't know if Mass Effect 4 will be just as good without him.

danniellelewis1467d ago

The ending of Mass Effect 3 wasn't so bad. I guess that multiple choice scenario really threw people in a bad way.

charliewong9801467d ago

Are you kidding the ending of ME3 blows.

I think Casey leaving is a good thing for the franchise, he has been there a very long time. Maybe someone else needs to take over and do something with this title.

Vantage1467d ago

"The ending of Mass Effect 3 wasn't so bad." said by everyone with low standards.

"Lets have robots kill everyone so the robots built by everyone can't kill everyone."

Only a Liberal.

Frankskint1467d ago

I heard another division of Bioware took over this project, so not sure how much involvement or influence Casey really had to the project.

700p1467d ago

Yeah he has nothing to do with mass effect since hes not part of bioware montreal. His studio was making the new ip which are the developers of the first 3 mass effects.

Dan_scruggs1467d ago

Hey everybody. You know what time it is? Time to make shit up. That's what time it is.

Perjoss1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

You just gotta love 'news' headlines that end with a question mark...

henrythomas2841467d ago

I think there were some creative differences and it was time to go, since ME3 didn't pan out so well for Bioware

WitWolfy1467d ago

RGB endings. Thats all I got to say, I had like psychological problems after playing Mass Effect 3

patelsanjeed1467d ago

Casey you will be missed, looking forward to what other new games he will be working on.

I enjoyed all 3 mass effect games and never knew what the whole big deal was about the ending.

Rhaigun1467d ago

The ending in it self was ok. It was more of the fact that not all the loose ends were tied up. Also, only getting to see half your crew in hologram form was a let down.

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