Call of Duty: Black Ops II Nuketown 2025 map finally lands on Wii U

Call of Duty: Black Ops II launched for Wii U in November 2012. Nearly two years later, the game has received a new map.

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Abash1352d ago

Man I literally laughed out loud when I read the headline, poor Wii U XD

Concertoine1352d ago

I might actually fish this out of the bargain bin. I havent been interested in COD in years but it might be fun to shoot zombies with motion controls...

N4g_null1351d ago

There is nothing like head shots with out quick scooping. The motion controls rock plus you can switch up mid game.

BiggerBoss1352d ago

That's just kind of insulting to Nintendo fans. Either support it from the start or don't support it at all. Advanced Warfare is about to come out, and they're just now releasing this. Smh

And speaking of AW, does anybody know if it's gonna be on Wii U? I haven't been keeping track

ZeekQuattro1352d ago

Giving the History of COD on Nintendo consoles it most likely will be. Just don't expect an announcement until about a month before release. Don't ask me why but COD games are always announced late on Nintendo consoles.

Metallox1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

I'm returning to the game, just to give a try to the map lol

What was Treyarch thinking anyway? The game launched nearly two years ago. There are still people playing online this thing? On Wii U, of course. It's a nice touch still, Treyarch "cares" about Nintendo fans after all.

GhostTurtle1352d ago

How many folks where online?

Metallox1352d ago

Like 900. Right now there are more than 2000. It's the Nuketown hype lol

Masterman2801352d ago

900 looool on PS3 there's like 260k people online, no wonder they didn't add Nuketown before, hardly anyone plays the game on Wii U.

KaladinStormblessed1352d ago

Yeah, ps3's been out like 8 years man. Around 100 million consoles, compared to about 7million WiiU's. What were you expecting? Of course the last gen consoles have way more players online.

GhostTurtle1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Kind of an immature post LOOOOL. Also full of s*** on the 260k online LOOOOL

thehobbyist1351d ago

Maybe if they'd stop delaying the release and not supporting it after launch we wouldn't have this problem. It's the same thing with Ubisoft and their bullshit with the WiiU. Release games on Wii U YEARS after they're relevant. They don't sell well because they're not relevant. And then Ubisoft says "We aren't relasing anything for WiiU"

Damn Ubisoft.

Masterman2801351d ago

Full of sh*t? i play BO2 a lot and that's the amount of people i see online, check yourself... unless you only have a Wii U. Ghost sucks, so everyone it still on BO2. 7 million but only 900 playing that's a fail. Ghost on PS4, has around 70k when i play, and that only has an install base of 7 million.

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ChickeyCantor1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Well they probably already had the map ready. For 2 years.

wonderfulmonkeyman1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )



They do this instead of catching Ghosts up on DLC content...

I mean, granted, I'm happy that they finally kept their word by bringing the map over, but for Banana's sake, how popular could that game still even BE after all this time?

This only further cements my opinion that third parties don't know how to make multiplatform games attractive to Wii U gamers; too many wrong turns.
If Treyarche wants the Wii U versions of their CoD games to sell, then this should have been a report of them starting up efforts to bring all CoD: Ghosts DLC to the Wii U version, or of some sort of effort to get one of the two new ones that are coming up all set for an eventual Wii U release.
Not a report of a map promised at the launch of an old game releasing over two years later...

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young7yang1352d ago

Because that game truly did suck!

AKR1352d ago

... So; a Wii U launch title; November 2012 - is getting DLC in August 2014?

In WHICH fantasy universe does Treyarch live in? It's like they were all sitting around bored in the office and were like:

"Dude, what's there to do?"
"I dunno - got any ideas?"
"I got nothing..."
"Oh wait! Let's bring Nuketown 2025 to the Wii U version of BLOPS 2!! That'll keep us busy for a few hours!"

... And people wonder why third-party games sell bad on Nintendo systems. It's a two-way street. Devs have this shallow-water approach towards Nintendo systems - therefore Nintendo gamers respond by ignoring the existence of their product and buying the titles that actually matter.

And they had a gall to push the Wii U version of that game as being the "definitive" console version. Psh...

Metallox1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

I doubt it was Treyarch, better ask Activision.

And no, I still can't play in the damn map online.

MSBAUSTX1351d ago

I agree with you man. I try really hard to buy as many third party games as I can on my Wii U to push those games for it and bring more to it. The problem is that devs treat us Nintendo fans like we are assholes and give us this crap two years later. It pisses me the hell off becaus if they gave as much effort to the Nintendo titles they might actually sell better and Nintendo would see a higher install base for Ubisoft to finally suck it up and give us the games it says they have. But you know what, it's fine. Why? Because Nintendo is doing their best to bring us amazing titles that will keep us busy and has a strong end of 2014 and a promising 2015. I just hope the Devs of Project Cars don't treat us Wii U owners like Activision and Ubisoft do and bring us quality content just like they will on the other consoles. Time will tell. At least assassins creed 3 and 4 were decent on my Wii U and right now I am really liking Deus Ex directors Edition.

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