PC vs Consoles: The Ultimate Showdown

GearNuke "This article tries to settle if one of the platforms can be declared a winner or if both devices have their own pros and cons which cannot be provided by the counter-party."

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thorstein1508d ago

I have a console (soon to be a second one) AND a PC. I love both (and imagine all three, pretty soon.)

Why do these "journalists" not understand that?

ScottyHoss1508d ago

I don't think you read the article, it wasn't much of a versus but instead was a guide or pros and cons, which in my opinion was the most well written and unbiased comparison ever :)

I_am_Batman1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

"I don't think you read the article"

Have you read it? If so how can you say it's not much of a versus? The whole article is split into subcategories in which PC competes with consoles. At the end of every segment the author crowns a winner. That's pretty much the definition of "a versus".

Most of those segments are stating very obvious points with a predictable outcome. Here are some examples:

Non-Gaming Uses - Winner: PC
Upgrades and Repairs - Winner: PC
Mods and Tweaks - Winner: PC

That's like saying:

Car vs. Motorcycle:

Bigger trunk - Winner: Car
Having four wheels - Winner: Car
Sleeping in/on it - Winner: Car

ScottyHoss1507d ago

And you are correct, don't know what else to say I wrote it around 3 am :P it just didn't feel spiteful to me you know? Now that I read my comment I realize it had very little merit.

xer01508d ago


I love the PC for great FPS experiences. But for most things, like platform, driving, sports games, I prefer the console. Don't get me wrong, FPS on console is a lot of fun to.

This is just my preference.

GundalfDeGrej1507d ago

Any specific reason? I'm not trying to bash your opinion or anything, I'm just curious.

My PC is next to my TV so I can easily just plug it in (or use it as a secondary screen), lay down in my couch and use my controllers if I want to. I guess for some people that might not be as easy to set up though.

xer01507d ago



I feel like I have a lot better control in FPS games, with my PC. With that said, games like Skyrim play perfectly on the PC.., with no shortage of mods!

Typically, I spend around $800 a year upgrading my PC. Because that's what I enjoy doing.

However, for games like Metal Gear Solid, Fifa, Mortal Kombat, The Last of us, Gran Turismo etc.., I'll enjoy using a console far more.

As a personal preference, I simply prefer using my computer for Dev work - as a habit. And my console for gaming and relaxation.

Sure, there are tonnes of peripherals for the PC; but in my experience the games aren't always well tuned for 3rd party peripherals.

I have 2 PCs, a Mac Pro and a steam account with literally 100's of games. But i'm enjoying the PS4 more than the PS3, even without the heavy hitting exclusives.

mysteryraz111508d ago

does it really matter if pc is stronger or not then consoles, how many times do we have to see articles like this, just play what you like consoles have to be cheap anyways history has shown us that being expensive always makes a console sale bad, it doesnt matter to me which way or the other just shutup about it

Vegamyster1508d ago

"Long story short, consoles and gaming PCs are different markets. Both these platforms attract different groups of people."

Volkama1507d ago

Well that isn't true in terms of gaming. There is a huge overlap in the console gamer and PC gamer markets. I call that overlapped segment "people that like playing games".

SnakePlissken1508d ago

It's all about the games which PCs are always lacking!

Consoles are for gaming, not computers!

duplissi1508d ago

LOL. Didn't you know that PCs have far more exclusives than consoles?

Not that it matters in this pissing match, If whatever console you play on has the games you want and you get enjoyment out of it then so be it, that is up to you, just don't chastise, debase, slander, or live in ignorance about a platform you chose not to use.

SnakePlissken1507d ago

The exclusives that PC has aren't really worth much. They just don't compete when it comes to exclusives you can get on Sony, nintendo or an Xbox.

Unless you're living in the past, there's really no reason at all to use a PC for gaming these days!

You might as well ditch your cell and stick with a pager then. Lol

Wizard_King1507d ago

321 games on PC, what effing retard put that info-graphic together! Even using something that stupid in a debate renders everything you say or type as invalid. I get that it shows more exclusives but it couldn't be more wrong.

Good job failing.

321 titles might be just what Steam has on sale today.

TekoIie1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


"Even using something that stupid in a debate renders everything you say or type as invalid. I get that it shows more exclusives but it couldn't be more wrong."

Because if a debate opponent says "PC lacks games" and you show that in 2013 alone 321 games released on the platform that is somehow a fail?

I don't understand your logic...

Vegamyster1507d ago


That "retard" (Metacritic) put that graph together lol



starchild1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

That's not true. The PC gets more games than any other platform. It gets 99% of the multiplats. It also gets many games that it shares with either the PS4 (Planetside 2, H1Z1, No Man's Sky, etc) or the XB1 (Titanfall, Ryse, Project Spark, etc). Not to mention all the pure PC exclusives not found on any other platform.

There is no other single platform where you can enjoy MORE games than on the PC.

wtopez1508d ago

That's absolutely true. Today I was playing L4D2 with some old friends from Uni and then we switched to Titanfall. After that I played some Super Metroid while listening to a Podcast. I'm now about to play some Rocksmith 2014 to practice some Mastodon and later, I might play some Divinity Original Sin. All of that on a single platform. PC gaming is lovely.

The_KELRaTH1508d ago

And PC gamers don't have to pay for remakes! Was having a blast playing C&C Zero Hour with a bunch of user created maps I'd downloaded:)

Dante811508d ago

That's not exactly true. The original RE is/was available on CD-ROM, but PC gamers will be purchasing the REmake.

TedCruzsTaint1508d ago

My Steam library begs to differ.

cyril sneer1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Lol pc is lacking games here is a list of just exclusives for pc so just imagine what it is like with all the multiplatform games as well.I hope your scroll wheel on your mouse works well lol.

SnakePlissken1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

You couldn't pay me to go back to PC! Those exclusives are no match at all compared to console exclusives!

You are putting yourself on if you think otherwise. No need for a mouse, i use a MacBook. We can't all be stuck in the 90s! Lol

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BrandanT1508d ago

I think they're becoming the same thing now save the keyboard.

Oschino19071508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I have a keyboard and mouse since 2008 for my PS3 and now also PS4. It comes in handy for certain tasks and some games support it so it can be useful even while playing with a controller.

Good example would be War Thunder, m/kb really helps with the cumbersome menus, chatting and such but couldn't imagine playing without a controller. But I do keep my keyboard next to me or on my lap as I binded commands I couldn't fit on my controller to the keyboard.

Heck I can even use my tv remote or smart phone to go thru menus and run some things on my PS3. Wouldn't be surprised if these features and more become unified/standard for PS4 (like the app that is for PSN and expanding) and future Sony/PS offerings overall. Don't forget Sony is not only in the console realm but has branches that reach about everything including hardware and software/content wise across multiple levels movies, tv, music, games, etc...

Tiqila1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

and I am having a controller for my pc. Playing GTA or Dark Souls with keyboard and mouse would be like playing Starcraft II with a controller.

--bienio--1508d ago

Im Pc gamer and I'm glad of that Pc returns to the throne:) sorry Ps4/XboxO guys but I know that this is a new reality for you, and you are not satisfied with it :)dont worry you still got some exlusive:D

combatcash1508d ago

The only issue with pc, is that very few games take advantage of the hardware most of us are running these next gen games on pcs with fairly old set ups, however we had to wait for consoles to catch up and start pushing graphics.

mysteryraz111508d ago

noone really cares though but pc gamers,I am more interested in games not hardware, pc gamers:look at our hardware,look at it, just asking for attention, its too bad none of these pc exclusives take advantage of the pcs hardware you brag and brag about but all you show is ports in higher res like crysis or metro or a modded game from 5 to 6 years ago

combatcash1508d ago

You must care just a little if you're in this section. How can you not see that the very few games take advantage of pc hardware, games like watch dogs, the new assassins creed as an example can be run on older pc hardware.

Vegamyster1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

"all you show is ports in higher res like crysis or metro or a modded game from 5 to 6 years ago"

Crysis was originally a PC exclusive and the 360/PS3 version don't use the same engine.

How can you blame people for bragging about a modded older game when it looks like this?

PS4/Xone fans brag about their good looking games so why can't PC guys?

starchild1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

No, I mostly like the PC for the breadth of games it offers and the fact that it is backwards compatible. The better graphics it offers are just a very nice plus.

And many games do in fact take advantage of the performance that PCs offer. This is a misconception even among some PC gamers. Running games with better graphics (textures, post fx quality, shadow quality, etc) along with much better and more demanding forms of anti-aliasing, higher resolutions and, in many cases, at double the framerate, requires a HUGE amount of extra rendering performance from the hardware.

If every game was pushing high end PCs to the very max in terms of the core graphical elements there would be no performance left over and the game's fidelity and framerate would suffer.

The gulf in power between consoles and PCs IS being utilized by running higher quality assets and effects, better shadow quality, additional graphical techniques not found in the console versions, more advanced anti-aliasing, higher display resolutions and framerates double or more that of the console versions.

SnakePlissken1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Sorry to break it to ya, but uhh PS4 and XboxOne are running and looking the same as any high end PC! Not to mention, I rather have quality games over a bunch of shitty weak PC exclusives!!!!

You need to just come to terms that PC has taken a back seat to consoles. It's just a fact, check the stats if you don't believe me. Some of you PC kids are just too predictable.

Stick with popping zits and reading the latest issue of PC gaming nerd!

MaxwellBuddha1507d ago

Sorry to break it to you, but you're blind in your one good f***ing eye...

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