This Witcher 3 Developer Won't be Playing on PS4

On this week's 1985FM Podcast, the crew discusses the Destiny beta, and nothing about Evolve, although they played it for hours. On the second half of the show, 1985FM sits down with the developers of The Witcher3 Wild Hunt and asks some of the finer details about what to expect this February. Wanna know what platform these developers choose to play on? You may find the answer shocking...

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ArchangelMike1506d ago

That's not surprising, The Witcher series has always been PC centric - even though the Witcher 2 did release in the 360. For the Witcher games, PC is definately where the gravy is.

ZodTheRipper1506d ago

Hopefully they at least make clean ports of their game as I'm planning to play it on PS4.

FalloutWanderer20771506d ago

All three versions are being developed side by side. I'd imagine they start with PC and then transfer on down but CDPR have said numerous times that they are developing them in tandem and not just merely porting to console as an afterthought.

mochachino1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

A game like Witcher is best on PC, the controls are designed for PC and adapted to console.

Too bad I dont have a PC capable of running it properly, oh well, it should still be great on my PS4.

...and talk about flamebait tittle, it should say "consoles", it singled out PS4 to make it look like there's something inferior about that version only.

christrules00411506d ago

I don't think you have much to worry about when talking about CDprojectRed porting a game to consoles. They made amazing ports to the Xbox 360.

BX811506d ago

@ zod
I hope so too. If I remember correctly the last footage was running on the xb1 and it looked smooth so there should be a good transition. I hope anyway.

TheGreatAndPowerful1506d ago

It is surprising because until very recently they were all about the PS4. I wonder what could have possibly change since then... hmmmm

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ developer praises PS4 hardware specs

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lelo1506d ago

Yep. PC version for me.

jy_mrnd1506d ago

I agree I'm picking this up on PC!

bixxel1506d ago

They also promised a heavily optimized PC version.

R6ex1506d ago

Already pre-ordered on Steam. Had 10% or 20% discounted because I own Witcher 1 & 2 on Steam.

XtraTrstrL1506d ago

I'd be playing on PC too, but my PS4 is the better bet in my case since I don't have a high end PC.

scark921506d ago

Yeah, I have both Witchers on Steam, but I will play this on PS4 due to my PC not being able to run it.

jtenma1506d ago

me 3. I know it will look worlds better on my ps4, rather than pc.

R6ex1506d ago

I'll be upgrading my PC to specifically max. out settings of TW3. GTX 980, I'm waiting for you!

GribbleGrunger1506d ago

Why does the headline single out the PS4 as the platform he's not going to be playing it on? The desperation to find any negativity towards the PS4 is palpable at the moment.

funkybudda1506d ago

How can N4G approve the title, when it conveniently leaves out Xbox as well? Biased much?

DragonKnight1506d ago

I was just going to ask the same thing myself because the dev is also not going to be playing it on the Xbox One either.

FalloutWanderer20771506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Every click bait article, whether xbox or ps4 are are all B.S. IMO. it's beyond the point of getting old and tired. It's childish. Anyone who sincerely worships, defends and justifies a f**king brand, is a fool and is in need of a reality check. Console war? LMAO. what a joke.

On the topic of bias - This site seems to lean towards Sony more than anything. Anyone who disagrees is either a Sony lover or in denial.
I have nothing against either console, I do not stoop to such asinine and obsolete levels of pathetic. Buy both,but one or buy them all everyone who keeps stirring this cesspool of fighting needs to grow up and move on.

tee_bag2421506d ago

Because the title is paraphrasing what the developers actually said. Geez.. everyone's a little high strung on here lately

gangsta_red1506d ago

Oh my gawd! Why is the pS4 being singled out! Please author of the story...please include the Xbox One in the title so we can all sleep better at night!

GribbleGrunger1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

@gangsta_red: How can you not feel thoroughly ashamed of yourself making that particular comment with a comment history like you have?

k3rn3ll1506d ago

So now PS4 is getting singled out and is based towards xbox.... lol you all can't make up your damn minds

gangsta_red1506d ago


And what do tell does my comment history have anything to do with that complete whine fest you just posted first?

Are we now going to play the "You did this/You did that" game because of you just got called out?

The only one that should be ashamed is yourself for posting that outcry of "leave PS4 alone" meme like comment.

GribbleGrunger1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I'm a PS4 owner and everything is rosy at the moment. I've got nothing to whine about. I'm just pointing something out. I suppose you've overlooked the myriad threads trying to create negativity about TLOUR or the 'outrageous' pricing on the PSNow 'BETA'?

Have I called anyone (or you) a 'fanboy', which is something you seem fond of doing? In fact, can you find one single post from me that uses such immature terms? I attack arguments on principal, not consumers out of spite. You will rarely -- if ever -- find me in threads that are not multiplatform or Sony related, unlike yourself, who feels it necessary to visit every thread with some crass comment.

You are definitely NOT in the position to take the moral high ground.

JP13691506d ago


Your post history is important because it shows that you're a pathetic child that comes into these threads with an agenda.

gangsta_red1506d ago

Again, what does my comment history have anything to do with the fact that you were crying about a title of a story?

No one is taking a "moral highground" (whatever that means), one is obviously pointing out your hilariousness of getting bent out of shape because the title of the story failed to mention Xbox too. The fact that you think people are desperate to find negative PS4 news based off of this title is mind boggling.

But yes, lets bring up my comment history and talk about "moral highgrounds" to take attention off of that little blurb you spat out.

lord knows if you mention comment history you can get some on here to rally to your defense like JP1 here. I also love how you spent the time to look through my history, I'm sure if I was desperate enough, I could stroll through yours and find the same.

I mean one doesn't get that many bubbles for loving all consoles or just Xbox alone on this site, that is for sure.

Chevalier1506d ago

Yeah I guess Xbox One sales are so low that it's not worth including with PS4? What a stupid bait article.

Shocker that a PC foremost game developer is going to continue playing on PC where they started. I'd say that's logical as it's the ONLY way to play the complete trilogy.

GribbleGrunger1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

"One is obviously pointing out ..."

'ONE'? Dear Lord LOL. I might use that occasionally for fun but I feel it's indicative of your 'rather' high view of yourself. It's a real pity you have to write like this because I can see you are an articulate young man. It's just the way you frame your points with emotive words like 'crying', which is designed to instantly put the other person down.

FanboyKilla1506d ago

Because whom ever wrote this article, knew the sony fans would come running and the xbox fans would be like, pllleeeeeeeease say xone. Lmfao click, click,click, ect.

melrex1506d ago

@gangsta_red so true can't like all consoles or Xbox one on here.How many times have a headline done this to xbox one and the PS4 fanboys love it but that rare time its done to the PS4 its the end of the world. FAN BOY OF GAMES not consoles

LamerTamer1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Maybe because it is obvious that they won't play it on the xbone because everyone knows it is less capable and will be the worst version, it isn't worth mentioning as it is obvious.

So what they are saying is they they will forgo the best console version for the top of the heap high end PC. Nothing too revealing here.

Kiwi661506d ago

So would you feel better if the headline said he wasn't playing on xb1 and there has only been a few anti playstation articles unlike the number of anti xbox ones that appear so relax its not the end of the world

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HaveAsandwich1506d ago

if they treat the ps4 version like crap, i'm done with them.

Michiel19891506d ago

you probably never even started a CDPR game, so how can u be done when u havent even started? :/

anticlimax1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Ooh, I'm going to deprive myself of a fun experience because they develope primarily for the pc, that will surely show them!

Even if that was the case, which it isn't (entirely), the only one you're really screwing over by being 'done' with them is you.

buttclown1506d ago

They will deliver, played both witchers on pc and then played the xbox 360 port. Amazed they could get that to run and play on that system. Was a much better experience on PC but definitely wouldn't doubt them with making this game on consoles especially if you haven't even played a game of theirs yet.

greenlantern28141506d ago

Yeah total shock, can't believe he is playing it on PC. Shocking would have been if he said XB1,or PS4. But IDC where he is playing it I just hope it plays great on my PS4

King-u-mad1506d ago

All i know is, I've never played any of the witcher games. But after seeing this one. I purchased both of its predecessors on steam to play before this comes out.

buttclown1506d ago

I had trouble getting into the first one, mainly just because of how it controlled. That was my biggest complaint with that game and probably the only one.

SilentNegotiator1506d ago

It's like developers test games on expensive PC rigs or something. I'm shocked, I thought he was going to play it on Ps4. /s

RIP_Cell1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Yes I'm playing Witcher 3 on the same platform I can play Witcher 1 and 2 . and CDPR already said PC version will have a Ultra setting above console settings

wastedcells1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

They are a pc developer who made a console port of their last game and now are so popular they would be crazy not too make their new game for consoles. This title is stupid and just click bait. Nobody should be surprised that they would play it on pc. They are loyal to PC which is actually pretty cool. I'll be playing on console because I like to sell my games when I'm done with them. PS4 most likely.

Eddie201011506d ago

Which means they will not be playing on Xbox One, so the tittle would have been more fitting had they said they would not be playing on next gen consoles instead of a flame bait tittle like Above.

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meatysausage1506d ago

Haha I know, even though CD projeck red have always been PC devs.

Dynasty20211506d ago

Only shocking to N4G.

It's pathetic how pro-console it is around here.

--bienio--1506d ago

That why I like CdProject Red:)

clmstr1506d ago ShowReplies(1)
Destrania1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

You like them because their lead platform is PC? Weird, I like them because they make great games. To each their own I guess...

FalloutWanderer20771506d ago

It is a legimate reason to respect them and like them. Everyone is different and different reasons for liking or disliking. I love CDPR for their excellent games,superb (pretty much unheard of these days in gaming) business practices and the respect and decency they show to the fans and the consumers.

Lead platform being PC is great and it is another reason I have a lot of respect for them. There aren't enough devs out there anymore willing to give the love the PC deserves.

Infamous2981506d ago

I am not surprised, Cd projekt red were always PC centric developers.

scotmacb1506d ago

with dx11.2 witcher on x1 is the second best version after the pc extra work was needed for ps4 but the port over to x1 was simple

TheGreatGamer1506d ago

Your knowledge of development is minimal

DragonKnight1506d ago

I think you mean non-existent.

SINISTERGENESIS1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Bbbbbb BUBBLE DOWN!!!! Oh wait he has one bubble.....errr.... Bbbbbb bubble do........nope just tried that.... Hmmmm... I got it! Bbbbb bubb..... Damn it !! ... Forget I said anything :(

poor_cus_of_games1506d ago

His knowledge of development is non existent.

Fishy Fingers1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Should probably wait until release to see which of the consoles has the marginal edge over the other.

Either way it's shaping up to be fantastic on any platform. So just enjoy whichever you get.

DA_SHREDDER1506d ago

why wait? get any version of the game you want. Its not like the game is being made by Dice.

johndoe112111506d ago

What proof do you have of this?