Hyrule Warriors Retailer Exclusive Costume DLC Revealed

So where do you have to shop if you want some exclusive costumes?

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Metallox1473d ago

I don't like this "pre-order to get this bonus" practice, but I was actually going to pre order the game in order to get the Twilight Set and BAAAM... it's an Amazon exclusive. Not good news for me at all :/

DarkBlood1473d ago

Gamestop for orcarina of time? Guess that will mean eb games i go then

JazBear1473d ago

Ganondorf DLC with club nintendo.....


Not disagreeing, but you can get that regardless of where you get the game only limited by the window of time that it is available for, needing to only register your copy with Nintendo.

DarkBlood1473d ago

Well you do have internet dont you? Shouldn't be a problem getting at least ganondorf dlc at the very least unless you don't have it for some reason


I would like the Twilight set myself, but GD! I hate this pre-order ---- to get ---- practice myself. I want to get this game anyway, and don't mind Amazon. Efff this [email protected], aarrghhh!!!

LaserEyeKitty1473d ago

Meh...unless the DLC changes the gameplay significantly or adds on to the games replay value, I could careless where I pre-order a copy.

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