GamesBeat: Wasteland 2 teaches players valuable lessons about survival gaming (preview)

The harsh and unforgiving world of Wasteland 2 has one message for its occupants: This is hell.

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ColManischewitz1438d ago

Wasteland 2 is a cruel teacher.

Sadie21001438d ago

Well, now I'm not so sure I'm excited about this game anymore. I guess I'm a big baby.

Raistlinhawke1438d ago

Still genuinely excited for this one, especially after reading through this. Glad I backed it.

rayzorn1438d ago

cant wait for this.

just hoping i'm done with divinity original sin by then.

so many old school games coming back im loving it.

just got done playing shadowrun returns and blackguard. they where both decent also. if you can get them on sale or cheap i recomend them also.

Palitera1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Divinity Original Sin: Devs said a console version with split screen coop would be nice. Surely not coming soon, but if it happens, I'd buy it.

For now, as I don't buy PC games, I'll just play a little (maybe) for now and hope for a buyable version someday...