You Can Now Hide Games in Your Steam Library

Are you ashamed by your Steam library? If so, Steam will soon allow you to hide those shameful titles and protect your gaming pride.

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SteamPowered1442d ago

I swear Steam gets more innovated every quarter.

BiggerBoss1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I'm really confused, what is the point of this and how is it innovative? Unless you're into some pornographic games or something that you need to hide from your wife, this seems pretty pointless to me.

Edit: I'm not a steam user, but are other users able to see your library? If so I could kinda see the purpose in this

xtremexx1442d ago

hide all those japanese imouto games.

SteamPowered1442d ago

What platform can you hide games on other than Steam? That's what innovated means. And my gf doesn't need to know how many games I keep acquiring. Family sharing account-another innovation.

idlet1442d ago

From what I've been hearing, people are looking forward to "cleaning up" their library by hiding games they don't play or early access titles. So, more of an aesthetic aid than secret game stash haha

Eldyraen1442d ago

It could help clean up my huge list of Steam titles that just sit there and I don't really need to look through as I won't ever reinstall them. Will make finding something to play (when not wanting something specific) a little easier for those of us with a ton of games.

It isn't something I was really needing but I'll probably use it as I like to keep things organized.

Patrick_pk441442d ago

What @xtremexx said. Those hentai-ish games.

Dante811442d ago

Origin has allowed you to do this for a long time, and it's a welcome feature. For instance, I have this crap game called Hydrophobia Prophecy that I would like to banish to the hidden netherrealm.

1nsaint1442d ago

maybe to hide some games for your kids or something.

maybe a six year old wanted to play dora the explorer but accidentally clicked dead space and now has nightmares for ever.

BattleAxe1442d ago

Origin has already had this feature for a while now.

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lelo1442d ago

"You Can Now Hide Games in Your Steam Library"

I find that incredibly... stupid. Why ?

Don't know if Steam already does this (don't pay much attention), but it would be better if we could create and order games in folders. FPS in one folder, RPG in another, Puzzle games in another, crap games in another folder, etc.

Twiggyshrimp1442d ago

While they don't have preset folders you can create your own catagories to sort them.

TardcoreGamer1442d ago

Good. I'm tired of having to look at those Russian version tiles in my library.

LAWSON721442d ago

Finally, a feature that should have came out sooner. Oh well at least it finally happened

Omnisonne1442d ago

Why..? People shouldnt have to hide or explain what kind of games they play.

LAWSON721442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Because some of us have some things we just don't want to see in our library like Mac games, some people also have games they just do not like and wish it could be out of their library, and F2P games that don't go away

Omnisonne1442d ago

hmm right, i thought it was about hiding your games for other people or friends

1nsaint1442d ago

idk i could see why some people would like to hide it.

could be so kids dont see your horror games

maybe cause you have some shitty games that are just cluttering your list of games

maybe you wanna hide that hardcore hentai game which i dont think is on steam but still

maybe you haven't took your girlfriend on a date for a while because there was "no money" and you wanna hide that 60 dollar game u just bought.

OR MAYBE you still owe your drugs dealer money and you dont want him to see you just bought the complete rockstar edition

or MAAAYBEE!!!!!!! so u can hide kiddy games that you are actually to ashamed to have in your library on steam let alone buy it in a store

ichizon1442d ago

Finally. This has been a long requested feature for Steam. Some people bought publisher packs long ago, that included some games they'd never play. It's not about hiding them from others, but from yourself.

My long requested feature was also added to the beta in May, in case people missed it. You can finally choose which DLC to install or uninstall, so buying DLC doesn't require you to install all of it as it used to. Great addition if the DLC changed the game or simply takes up a lot of space after you finished that part. Details on this: https://support.steampowere...

Grave1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Thank God. Now I can get rid of some of those games on my list I am ashamed of buying ... freaking Steam Sales.

*Also, did they change the skin? It looks better.

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