Zynga Is Getting Destroyed After A Terrible Earnings Report

Business Insider: Zynga is crashing after a bad earnings report.
The stock has been on a wild ride after-hours. It dropped hard, then bounced back to be down 2%, then it fell more than 14%, and now it's down 7%.

It missed expectations and lowered its guidance.

Revenue was $153 million, a 34% drop year-over-year, versus expectations of $191 million. It provided Q3 guidance of $160-$170 million, which is way below analyst expectations of $212.35 million.

It also lowered full-year guidance. It says, "Bookings are projected to be in the range of $695 million to $725 million, compared to previous expectation between $770 million to $810 million."

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miyamoto1200d ago

Enter the Mattrick!

The Mattrick Effect is incredible.

Bigpappy1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

What is the opposite of Midas Touch?

brish1199d ago

Midas was the name of the person that when he touched anything it turned to gold.

Since everything Don Mattrick touches turns to shit I assume that would be the "Mattrick touch".

ShinMaster1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Is it me or is casual mobile gaming not as popular as it was a couple years ago?

It feels as if... the more people own smartphones, the less new and trendy phone games become. Then again, it could totally just be me.

[on topic]
I doubt Mattrick had much impact in such a short amount of time though. I think Zynga might have had this coming to them for a little while.

AngelicIceDiamond1199d ago

Everything Don touches.

Turns to dust...

Why o why1199d ago

Monumental day..........

N4g in full agreement

Now thats the mattrick affect.......unite

ScottyHoss1199d ago

Breaking news: The Mattrick Touch blamed for poverty in Detroit, reports suggest he was giving out high fives and Zynga mobile points cards, all of which are now completely worthless... He's touched them too

mixolydian_id1199d ago

We should send Mattrick to the Gaza strip.

Everyone would just shake on it and call it a day

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BiggerBoss1200d ago

Don Mattrick is just great at being terrible

HugoDrax1199d ago

"Enter the Mattrick!"

LMAO! hahahaha I'm crying over here.

Bhuahahaha1199d ago

lol thats really a good one

Magicite1199d ago

what is next thing Mattrick gonna destroy?

mixolydian_id1199d ago

Just what IS a 'Zynga'?

Some kind of cake?

"Poof and.... it's gone!"

Knushwood Butt1199d ago

Yet he still gets paid a fortune.

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pwnsause_returns1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Mattrick and zynga make the perfect pair.

johndoe112111200d ago

And this surprises people why???

AngelicIceDiamond1199d ago

Considering it came from Don selling a crap ton of 360's with great marketing and a key person in the success of Xbox.

To suffocating MS game studios.

implementing DRM and used game restrictions.

Now what's truly shocking about it is Zynga games is his strong point.

Casual software company and yet hes failing in that?

WTF is this guy doing!?

This deserving of a lol worthy moment.

gangsta_red1200d ago

Lol, be gone Zynga! The only tear I shed are for the many underpaid QA workers you contract out and use as slaves for a year and let go.

The board of trustees will soon buyout Mattrick and he'll pimp walk to another company and get an even bigger paycheck?

snarls2001200d ago

that is one of the problems with business

jimjam34421199d ago

i like matrick, he single handedly destroyed two of my most hated companies!

Ghost_of_Tsushima1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

He almost destroyed Xbox why not just go ahead and destroy Zygna while he's at it. He great at what he does.

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