7 Video Games That Tried, And Succeeded, To Make You Cry Man-Tears

WGTC writes: We tend to associate video games with frenetic action, be it old-school quarter-munchers like Space Invaders or the more intense first-person shooters of today. Yet, with all of the noticeable evolution in game mechanics and presentation, we’ve also started to see more and more examples of something that most people would never consider a possibility in games back in the 70s: Genuine emotion.

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Ezz20131510d ago

i...i didn't cry
i just had sands in my eye that's why i had tears

men don't cry

WilliamUsher1510d ago

It was just breezy, that's all.

I had wind in my eyes.

Ezz20131510d ago

same thing here dude
pffff they thought us "Men" would cry because a video game

Heisenburger1510d ago

I cried like a woman, like a man.


Ezz20131510d ago

The Walking Dead: Season One had amazing story and i liked the ending
but Season 2 is not the same for me and i don't know why

i'm loving Wolf Among us though

Kiddcarter1510d ago

Only game to ever make me cry was Kingdom hearts, that ending just broke me, you fight so hard to get the girl than at the end you lose her again.

szenkapotamus1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I've played that game a dozen times at least and it still gets me right in the heart.