Sleeping Dogs Remastered is one dog that Square Enix should have left asleep

Sean Davies of PSGamer: In total, I have owned 7 copies of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 since it released in 1992 across the Mega Drive, Dreamcast, PC, PS3, Mobile and as part of numerous “SEGA Genesis Collections”. It is a game I would gladly play again today for one reason and one reason alone – excellent game play. The 90′s graphics have aged well (compared to other games from the era) but even if there were no graphical improvements, I would still buy an 8th copy of the game for the PS4.

Sleeping Dogs Remastered on the other hand? No. Definitely not. Not even with updated graphics. 100 times no.

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MrSwankSinatra1505d ago

I fully expect to see a Hitman: Absolution "definitive edition" and a Final Fantasy XIII collection for both PS4/X1. Hell you might even see a port of Deus Ex: Human Revolution "director's cut" for the PS4/X1.

Square Enix is trying to tied people over until the next installments of these games because as we all know Square takes forever to even make games.

Magicite1504d ago

No harm done. Besides You know SE are masters of remasters.

EZMickey1504d ago

I think anyone who's against this remaster is not a whole man... with a pork bun in his hand.

Ketchum1504d ago

I'm surprised no one got this joke yet... lol

SmielmaN1504d ago

Lol. Agreed. This game was pretty sweet once you really open it up and grab the new fighting moves. Great, great game.

Benjammin251504d ago

I don't mind these remasters, but why can't they be part of a bundle. Like instead of selling Tomb Raider: DE separately, square could have packaged it together with Sleeping Dogs. Very greedy. I don't really mind more people getting to experience games they've never played before though. From what I've played, sleeping dogs is kind of like The Raid movies in game form. That's a good thing.

1504d ago
scark921504d ago

As long as SE get in a good financial position and create great new games! or I am just trying to look into a postitive perspective! :(

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Bennibop1505d ago

I am not sure how bothered I am by this, I never the played it first time round so might pick it up. The more games the better to be honest you don't have to pick it up. The more people by it (as cheap for se to develop) the more money they will pending on the sequel.

C-H-E-F1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

It's not a bad game at all don't let this guy take that away from the game. The game is just like watch dogs in terms of longevity after you beat the game and do all the side missions it will collect dust. It's a great game... Between Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row (the one without the super hero ish the one before that one) those two were great games to hold me over for GTAV.

I will be buying this again because the combat is really good, the story was really good and it was pretty lengthy... Also, because I need something to once again hold me over for GTAV and Square Enix needs some help financially.

So it's a win win, Just like me buying TLOU again I like to support those who deserve it and I was a HUGE True Crime fan so if you love true crime def. look into this especially with all the DLC added ( I didn't buy the DLC so once again just like TLOU i'll be able to enjoy DLC with a fully revamped version of the game). I still need to get Tomb Raider though. I have it on the ps3 (ps plus) but just never got a chance to play it... too many games out.

Afterlife1505d ago

No if there's a sequel in development that continues the story of SD1. Some people will be turned off if they are Xbox One and PS4 only owners who never played the original.

TheJacksonRGN1504d ago

Someone who gets it, unlike the author and a lot of complainers out there. Also there is a sequel in the works.

Venox20081504d ago

it's a good game and deserves a remaster if that means more people who bought new consoles and never tried this gonna play.. can't wait for a sequel

nope1111504d ago

Since they're on a roll, can we get FFXII INZJS HD?


danny8181504d ago

Would like to see final fantasy 1 remastered or kingdom hearts remastered lol

scark921504d ago

well tbh I would rather see Kingdom Hearts 2.5 come to PS4 rather than just PS3

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