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The Last of Us PS4 Patch 1.01.012 Released; Naughty Dog Completely Rewriting Code to Fix Multiplayer

The last of Us Remastered launched on PS4 and was met by cries of joy and almost universal praise, but the multiplayer experience has been a rather bumpy ride for many, affected by extremely long matchmaking times in multiplayer. (PS4, Quentin Cobb, The Last Of Us Remastered)

BitbyDeath  +   40d ago
Good, I haven't played online too much yet but when I had it took forever to get into a game.
Letthewookiewin  +   40d ago
I just played an hour ago and it was alot easier to get a game going.
ZodTheRipper  +   40d ago
Nice, good to hear that.
BitbyDeath  +   40d ago
Cool, I've got a long weekend coming up so will have to give it a shot.
ZORDON  +   40d ago
This is great to hear, plays just like gears of war IMO. If you cant see the correlation you havent played Gears.Also, if you guys havent yet GO SEE TMNT. I saw it in 3D last night, AMAZING.
WildArmed  +   40d ago
Nice, I wonder if PS3 will get similar treatment.

It's a pain waiting for matches, I still play the MP regularly, but I rather not spend 2-3 minutes in matchmaking every time.
Abriael  +   40d ago
believe me, 2-3 minutes isn't even close to what some people get on PS4.
-Alpha  +   40d ago
That's because of the DLC splitting the whole community. You're not going to get that improved unless the maps become free and everyone is back together again.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   40d ago
On ps4 everyone has the exact same content currently so it's not a issue yet
Patrick_pk44  +   40d ago
We have all the DLC on the PS4 version. People have to wait 1-10+ minutes. It usually takes around 5 minutes.
-Alpha  +   40d ago
WildArm asked about the PS3 version. I am aware that the DLC in the PS4 version is available for everyone. However, on the PS3 version, it takes longer to find matches because you are being matchmaked with a much smaller and divided pool of players
WildArmed  +   40d ago
Yeah, I figured as much. It doesn't help that they split up playlists for people w/ DLC.

Two out of the three modes are completely barren, wait times can go on for 10 minutes, but at least the TDM is still pretty active.

Maybe they'll make it free down the line like they did with Uncharted 2(?)
geddesmond  +   40d ago
2-3 minutes lol. Try waiting half an hour before you get fed up waiting and turn the game off. ND thanked us for or patience. What patience, When I buy a game AGAIN after buying all DLC for the PS3 version. I expect that game to work. What I don't expect is my limited free time for gaming being wasted searching for a game.

You F'd up ND. Seriously and this should not be forgiven.
supersonicjerry  +   40d ago
but you will forgive them any way.
Randostar  +   40d ago
Yeah man, for all the great games that naughty dog makes this is UNFORGIVABLE.Lol calm down man, this is just something that happens with new games sometimes. This game was originally designed and coded for a very specific hardware that very different from what they are using now. Havent you noticed the strange bugs?
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mrpsychoticstalker  +   40d ago
I feel your pain man, especially after spending the money again . It took me more than ten minutes. to find a game
geddesmond  +   40d ago

Allow me to elaborate. When I say they should not be forgiven I mean fans shouldn't be saying "Ah it's ok ND, your forgiven because you make so many great games" No fans should voice their opinion and let them know that if they re release a game on new hardware they should make sure everything works properly first.

But nah they rushed the game to make sure it was out before other games started releasing that gives gamers more choice on what to play.
TrollityTroll  +   40d ago
@ mrpsychoticstalker
"after spending the money again" it must have taken you a HELL of a lot longer than 10 minutes to find a game considering you don't own a PS4:

Can't post a full link so post history, 5 days ago, article"3-1-to-sony-micro soft-need-a-new-console-and-soo n" comment #10.3
"NOT buying one anytime soon either. Happy with my Xbox"
n4g.com/news/1560412/comment- 3-1-to-sony-microsoft-need-a-ne w-console-and-soon#c-9545306
DarkOcelet  +   40d ago
@mrpscyotroll ,pls get out before you make a fool out of yourself , wait . You already did ... bummer!
RIP_Cell  +   40d ago
lol @TrollityTroll , a new account to make that stalking trolling comment? who are you really?
0P-Tigrex  +   40d ago
Good. The multiplayer is top notch. But the code could definitely need an update. I don't think someone should slide 6 feet to the left when downed when standing still. Just my thoughts.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   40d ago
The matchmaking is so random, sometimes it will find me a lobby instantly, other times it will take ages (and I do mean ages). It usually takes the longest when I'm playing with friends.

My friend will be happy to hear about the flamethrower damage being fixed. He's been whining about that a lot, lol.
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WildArmed  +   40d ago
Do you play in the no parties playlist when you play alone? It might explain why it takes longer.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   40d ago
Yeah, when I play alone I choose the 'no parties' playlist. Sometimes I find a lobby an instant after I choose the playlist, but the majority of the time it takes a while.

Apparently they've implemented a quick fix while they work on a more comprehensive fix. My friend said the matchmaking times have been reduced, so that's reassuring. I'll give it a try later today.
Madderz  +   40d ago
Yeah mines the same. If i go in alone on no parties more often than not i get in quite quickly.

However, if i party up with a couple friends and go in a parties allowed match it takes forever. We were sat there for no word of a lie 45 minutes the other night.

Luckily my friends can keep me entertained with conversation and moan only slightly about wait times lol.
Twiggy  +   40d ago
I haven't had to wait longer than 2 minutes to get into a match today, very, Very pleased with that.
BitbyDeath  +   40d ago
2 minutes is still 2 minutes too long.
I don't play that many online games but Warhawk is near instant access.
WildArmed  +   40d ago
This, I know the game is a 4 v 4 so you can't really have a ton of servers going on like Warhawk, but it may be better if we had a server list instead.

There have been many times where we had 3 v 4 battles, another person could have been easily dropped into the matched if we had a server list instead.

But, ND has never done server lists, so it's unrealistic of me to expect so.
Conzul  +   40d ago
Yeah for 4v4 on a next-gen system, even 30 seconds is bad.
Letthewookiewin  +   40d ago
Same here!
BX81  +   40d ago
Ouch. That sux. Such a great game. Sad to have online issues like that.
Keith22  +   40d ago
Excellent love the multiplayer didnt expect it to be so good
BLYAN  +   40d ago
Is anybody elses facebook friends photos not showing up? Just wondering if its only me
fonduktoe  +   40d ago
Happened to me for awhile...just showed a darkened anti symbol. Its fine now but I was wondering wtf.
BLYAN  +   40d ago
Mine still dont load maybe itll sort itself out
Salooh  +   39d ago
My picture was a cat. So i assumed they banned cat pictures o.o . Just kidding , it's back to normal for me after few days ( or a week :> )
kratoz1209  +   40d ago
Love this game. Can't wait to finish work and check out left behind
8hrs to go
funkybudda  +   40d ago
Not only does ND make great games, they also show excellent support to address game bugs, they are just amazing.
sckipt  +   40d ago
Only if Dice did this with the entire game

But thank you Naughty Dog for not only making an incredible game but also supporting it.
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DirtyLary  +   40d ago
Better be out by Sept 9th before a HUGE chunk of their community jumps games.
isa_scout  +   40d ago
Yeah, honestly I played through the campaign 3 times on the PS3 so I just bought it this time for the MP to tide me over until Destiny drops. Figure a lot of players did the same thing. After Destiny nothing else will matter til February, for me at least.
Drithe  +   40d ago
Multiplayer mode sucks so bad for The Last of Us. heh.
DirtyLary  +   40d ago
It's completely playable, no where near "so bad".
Avernus  +   40d ago
Only played the MP a couple times because I got tired of waiting. The wait felt longer than the games >.>
cbrcsg2001  +   40d ago
any decent players wanna play?? I like the MP, but it sucks when your team mates go in with the mentality that they're playing COD free for all lol..
ElmoCooksGlass  +   40d ago
ya ill play got my ps4 just for TLOU and i want to make some friends and have a good teammates whats Ur name
Master-H  +   40d ago
Good, hopefully it will all be ironed out by the time i get my hands on the ps4 version, still playing on ps3 for now sadly.
NeoGamer232  +   40d ago
TLOU gets near perfect scores from all reviews but Naughty Dog has to re-write parts of the multiplayer that are flawed?

Now I have proof that reviewers are stupid or paid off...
jmaine_ph  +   40d ago
This game would still be perfect without the multiplayer so who is the stupid one now
NeoGamer232  +   40d ago
A game is not perfect when they have to re-write multiplayer. That is a significant flaw.

A game is perfect if they do small tweaks and tunes after release... TLOU PS3 was perfect... TLOU PS4 is not perfect.
MegaRay  +   40d ago
Perfect score =/= perfect game.
ltachiUchiha  +   40d ago

Well said mate.


Because GTAV had tons of issues with Online aswell yet it still got perfect scores from most game sites.
NeoGamer232  +   40d ago
I don't think gta v deserved perfect scores neither.
isa_scout  +   40d ago
A 10/10 doesn't necessarily mean it's absolutely perfect... No game is perfect, but TLOU is pretty damn close. I believe that's the reason it's been so well received. The fact that you're questioning reviewers for giving a masterpiece a great score makes me wonder if you've ever even played this game.
ashcroft  +   39d ago
Multiplayer is just an addition it's not the meat of the game, it's the side dish.

The meat of the game is 10/10 since that's the focus. It's the single player experience that counts. I agree about the reviewers are stupid part.

It's like giving a 10/10 on a single player RPG and then adding an online multiplayer component that's flawed. It's still a masterpiece on it's own accord, the MP was just a change of pace.

Take call of duty for instance or battlefield, it consistently gets high scores using the same bugged engine and horrible single player campaign with save corruption.

Every one knows the focus is on mp for those games and that's where they'll score it.
erick21093  +   40d ago
I've had the most difficulty with online matchmaking when I'm with a friend unfortunately. It can get pretty frustrating at times, but I manage. Glad they got a patch out to shorten that time frame now, though.

It took me a minute, but I was able to finish the Hunter faction a couple days ago. I've decided to finally fire up the Campaign and get back to the MP once that stuff is sorted out though. I've been itching a bit to go through that entire experience again !

On Hard mode this time ;)
xBraiNshOcK  +   40d ago
I played it after the patch and the waiting time is far less now. Not really fixed, but much improved.
ElmoCooksGlass  +   40d ago
ya every time i try to join a game i just watch tv or go get something to eat i do something cause it takes way to long it takes me some times 5 min to join a game thats sad
MasterofMagnetism  +   40d ago
Good news. The wait to find a match is ridiculous.
bocajbee  +   40d ago
What about the 30FPS shadow bug?

RussellGorall  +   40d ago
"One day the code on this year old game will be fixed, by the way, enjoy a hundred pieces of DLC on PSN until then!"
Buzz7S  +   40d ago
Game JUST came out and they're already re-writing things to fix multiplayer. Oh, it's Naughty Dog and their overrated game, it's okay that this problem exists after launch and no one picking up on it during QA testing.
assdan  +   40d ago
Played it yesterday, it worked so much better.
James Vanderbeek  +   40d ago
i havent had one issue online yet. Yeah sometimes it takes a few minute to find a match but i just back out and re do it and bam in a match. not sure about the match making stuff. I just play solo and love the online so far. It's fun and addicting. challenging too
matouzzz  +   40d ago
Odd, i get into games in less than a minute
Pitch_Blanck  +   40d ago
Too bad... TLOU MP is one of the best!
mo241  +   39d ago
hey I vaguely remember an article that said the last of us would be censored in europe, can anyone confirm. I am on vacation and still haven't had the time to buy it yet, if it's censored I will just buy it here at my vacation destination.
RussellGorall  +   39d ago
Weird how none of the "reviewers" took this into account, they must have only played PVP on empty servers at Sony headquarters.

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