The Last of Us PS4 Patch 1.01.012 Released; Naughty Dog Completely Rewriting Code to Fix Multiplayer

The last of Us Remastered launched on PS4 and was met by cries of joy and almost universal praise, but the multiplayer experience has been a rather bumpy ride for many, affected by extremely long matchmaking times in multiplayer.

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BitbyDeath1502d ago

Good, I haven't played online too much yet but when I had it took forever to get into a game.

Letthewookiewin1502d ago

I just played an hour ago and it was alot easier to get a game going.

BitbyDeath1502d ago

Cool, I've got a long weekend coming up so will have to give it a shot.

1502d ago
WildArmed1502d ago

Nice, I wonder if PS3 will get similar treatment.

It's a pain waiting for matches, I still play the MP regularly, but I rather not spend 2-3 minutes in matchmaking every time.

Abriael1502d ago

believe me, 2-3 minutes isn't even close to what some people get on PS4.

-Alpha1502d ago

That's because of the DLC splitting the whole community. You're not going to get that improved unless the maps become free and everyone is back together again.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1502d ago

On ps4 everyone has the exact same content currently so it's not a issue yet

Patrick_pk441502d ago

We have all the DLC on the PS4 version. People have to wait 1-10+ minutes. It usually takes around 5 minutes.

-Alpha1502d ago

WildArm asked about the PS3 version. I am aware that the DLC in the PS4 version is available for everyone. However, on the PS3 version, it takes longer to find matches because you are being matchmaked with a much smaller and divided pool of players

WildArmed1502d ago

Yeah, I figured as much. It doesn't help that they split up playlists for people w/ DLC.

Two out of the three modes are completely barren, wait times can go on for 10 minutes, but at least the TDM is still pretty active.

Maybe they'll make it free down the line like they did with Uncharted 2(?)

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geddesmond1502d ago

2-3 minutes lol. Try waiting half an hour before you get fed up waiting and turn the game off. ND thanked us for or patience. What patience, When I buy a game AGAIN after buying all DLC for the PS3 version. I expect that game to work. What I don't expect is my limited free time for gaming being wasted searching for a game.

You F'd up ND. Seriously and this should not be forgiven.

supersonicjerry1502d ago

but you will forgive them any way.

Randostar1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Yeah man, for all the great games that naughty dog makes this is UNFORGIVABLE.Lol calm down man, this is just something that happens with new games sometimes. This game was originally designed and coded for a very specific hardware that very different from what they are using now. Havent you noticed the strange bugs?

mrpsychoticstalker1502d ago

I feel your pain man, especially after spending the money again . It took me more than ten minutes. to find a game

geddesmond1502d ago


Allow me to elaborate. When I say they should not be forgiven I mean fans shouldn't be saying "Ah it's ok ND, your forgiven because you make so many great games" No fans should voice their opinion and let them know that if they re release a game on new hardware they should make sure everything works properly first.

But nah they rushed the game to make sure it was out before other games started releasing that gives gamers more choice on what to play.

TrollityTroll1502d ago

@ mrpsychoticstalker
"after spending the money again" it must have taken you a HELL of a lot longer than 10 minutes to find a game considering you don't own a PS4:

Can't post a full link so post history, 5 days ago, article"3-1-to-sony-micro soft-need-a-new-console-and-soo n" comment #10.3
"NOT buying one anytime soon either. Happy with my Xbox" 3-1-to-sony-microsoft-need-a-ne w-console-and-soon#c-9545306

DarkOcelet1502d ago

@mrpscyotroll ,pls get out before you make a fool out of yourself , wait . You already did ... bummer!

RIP_Cell1502d ago

lol @TrollityTroll , a new account to make that stalking trolling comment? who are you really?

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0P-Tigrex1502d ago

Good. The multiplayer is top notch. But the code could definitely need an update. I don't think someone should slide 6 feet to the left when downed when standing still. Just my thoughts.

GarrusVakarian1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

The matchmaking is so random, sometimes it will find me a lobby instantly, other times it will take ages (and I do mean ages). It usually takes the longest when I'm playing with friends.

My friend will be happy to hear about the flamethrower damage being fixed. He's been whining about that a lot, lol.

WildArmed1502d ago

Do you play in the no parties playlist when you play alone? It might explain why it takes longer.

GarrusVakarian1502d ago

Yeah, when I play alone I choose the 'no parties' playlist. Sometimes I find a lobby an instant after I choose the playlist, but the majority of the time it takes a while.

Apparently they've implemented a quick fix while they work on a more comprehensive fix. My friend said the matchmaking times have been reduced, so that's reassuring. I'll give it a try later today.

Madderz1502d ago

Yeah mines the same. If i go in alone on no parties more often than not i get in quite quickly.

However, if i party up with a couple friends and go in a parties allowed match it takes forever. We were sat there for no word of a lie 45 minutes the other night.

Luckily my friends can keep me entertained with conversation and moan only slightly about wait times lol.

PaleMoonDeath1502d ago

I haven't had to wait longer than 2 minutes to get into a match today, very, Very pleased with that.

BitbyDeath1502d ago

2 minutes is still 2 minutes too long.
I don't play that many online games but Warhawk is near instant access.

WildArmed1502d ago

This, I know the game is a 4 v 4 so you can't really have a ton of servers going on like Warhawk, but it may be better if we had a server list instead.

There have been many times where we had 3 v 4 battles, another person could have been easily dropped into the matched if we had a server list instead.

But, ND has never done server lists, so it's unrealistic of me to expect so.

Conzul1502d ago

Yeah for 4v4 on a next-gen system, even 30 seconds is bad.

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