Review: Swapper [Expansive]

The modern day adventure/puzzle-solver is quite different from the traditional point and click methods we enjoyed from Lucasarts way-back-when.

In fact, when playing The Swapper, the first comparison you’ll draw is to Metroid. Old school, Super Metroid, one of the greatest platformer/puzzlers of all-time, The Swapper totally feels like that.

The idea is quite simplistic, but it inspires numerous, hard-assed scenarios that will reduce the most logical thinker to the brink of tears.

Set in the furthest regions of space, humanity have created seven remote outposts to synthesise materials from neighbouring planets. Since Earth has been purged of resources, these outposts send all harvested materials back to to humanity’s home planet. However, those operating the stations must survive without Earth’s assistance for decades, and unfortunately, these challenges grow when station 7 is destroyed by the the Sun and station 6 goes offline.

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