CD Projekt RED Talks Wild Hunt and Bringing First Witcher to Xbox One/PS4

Hardcore Gamer: "Two weeks ago we attended Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA and were given the honor to be among a chosen few press members to join developers of CD Projekt Red, one of creators for the comic book by Dark Horse Comics, and even Doug Cockle — the voice of Geralt — for interviews in regards to the upcoming blockbuster, The Witcher 3."

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ValKilmer1509d ago

Man, playing the original game on PS4/Xbox One would be so awesome.

starchild1508d ago

They're releasing a "lore book" titled "World of the Witcher" to help people new to the series get up to speed.

They have made it pretty clear they aren't interested in doing a remake or port of the first two games to current consoles. It would require too much work and would hold them back and keep them from moving forward. Read the interview.

Transporter471508d ago

I would buy witcher 1 and 2 if they bring them to my PS4 :D

Hellsvacancy1508d ago

Same as, pay attention CD Projekt, there's money sitting here waiting for you

starchild1508d ago

I thought console guys said PC has no good exclusives. Why are you always begging for them?

Transporter471508d ago

I have a gamin PC and consoles. Why can't I want to play it on my PS4?

starchild1508d ago

I, too, have a PS4. But why would I want to play these games on my PS4 when the better looking versions are already available on my PC? Are you sure you really have a gaming PC?

Transporter471508d ago

Not if they remaster it and add extra stuff to it. I love trophies btw. Having trophies is a reason i love playing on my PS consoles.

Salooh1507d ago

My brother have a gaming pc. But no one play with him so sometimes he uses the ps4.

Your statement can be applied to any hardware. I want mario on ps4 , i want gears on ps4..etc Each person prefer a game on other hardware he own but they don't buy it for many reasons. For me , i don't own a pc because i don't have money and i don't see a lot of exclusives that excite me to make me do anything to buy it. If i'm gonna buy a pc i will buy it for multiplatforms not for the few big exclusives the pc have.They will be extra for me..

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gangsta_red1508d ago

If anything Witcher 1 and 2 deserves a HD/Remaster for the new systems!

LAWSON721508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Wouldnt really be an HD remaster it would just be the PC version optimized at 1080p. Hell the PC version can run at 4K at least Witcher 2 can anyway

Big_Game_Hunters1508d ago

Eh the Original Witcher didn't age very well. I'l be getting wild Hunt on PC so i don't need this. but it would be nice if they brought Assassins of kings to xone/PS4 for those who want to play the previous games.

GamingSinceThe80s1508d ago

Damn I just ordered the first one on Amazon a few days ago.I would have waited to get it if I knew about this.At least it was only $10 but still.

Potnoodle9991508d ago

I never played it but from watching bits on youtube let's plays it's clear it didn't age well... I'm sure it is and was a phenomenal game as the second one was an incredible experience, but it would be hard for me to play it through after the improvements to the overall systems in witcher 2, and after seeing witcher 3 :) plus the jump of graphical phidelity and atmosphere from 1 to 2 is crazy :) especially on pc max settings

GamingSinceThe80s1508d ago

I didn't read the whole story at first.I thought they were saying the first one was coming the PS4/XBOXONE and it's not. Kind of a misleading headline though.

Remy_Chaos1508d ago

Only the first one? No, no, release the first and second in all they're glory, not downgraded like the 360 version was, despite being an excellent game. Or better yet a trilogy collection would be sweet!

GamingSinceThe80s1508d ago

I just started W2 on 360 and it looks and plays great.What is it you find bad about it compared to PC?The dev's even said they spent over a year on it and seem quite proud of if.In fact you are the first person seen belittle it.That said I have not played the PC one so you could be right,but for what I'v seen online I would have though the 360 one was the upgrade.

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