Still Want a Mjolnir Edition?

Yesterday, GAME revealed the swanky new Master Chief Collection Mjolnir Edition, and within a few hours, it was sold out.
The Mjolnir Edition, seen above, combines everything found in the Limited Edition: a steel book case, a physical map book featuring all the maps in the game, and the DLC Grunt Funeral skull, while also containing a rather lovely 12″ Artfx statue of Master Chief himself. It costs £170.

Like we said, it’s all gone. But never fear, The Bit is here to help!

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pompombrum1507d ago

Awesome, might buy one of these. Not too bothered with the special edition, the steel case looks cool but the maps book thing looks pretty damn shabby if that picture is anything to go by.

CorndogBurglar1507d ago

I'll buy this. They make it for PS4, right?

BX811507d ago

Like in the movie, pizza the hut keeps his idiotic lines a'rollin.