How Twitch's new copyright policy was gravely mishandled

A lot of conversation, along with grinding and gnashing of teeth, happened yesterday following Twitch's series of announcements. The one that caused the most stir was the decision to flag archived videos for copyrighted audio content, essentially banishing those clips into silence. Some people were outraged and began crying out that this was exactly what they feared from the rumored YouTube acquisition. Others pointed out that one simply can't take clips that aren't theirs and embed it over their gameplay clips.

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gamerlive1320d ago

Very good opinion piece.

Ashlen1320d ago

This is bad, but the people who really responsible are all the people who allowed the DMCA to be enacted in the way it is in the first place.

If people are really bothered they should stand up and fight for changes to this over arcing law.

lonelyplayer1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Sorry to say but twitch is almost dead. Ads, copyright, and bad customer service will finish it.

SpiralTear1320d ago

The Twitch robots are silencing us. We have no mouths...and we must scream.

Seriously, though, Twitch implemented a way to block copyrighted music, but introduced it without any way to challenge the claims. All of the mistakenly blocked music is impossible to get back without any way to prove legality by the users. We're helpless to these problems. It's a mess.

I also heard that Twitch's own Twitch channel had its music blocked by the new copyright bots. If that's really true, then the problem doesn't need anymore explaining. It's doesn't get any simpler. These new policies are ruining Twitch.

OrangePowerz1320d ago

I don't think they are on the verge to get the deal done, they already have the deal done. Why else would they change otherwise to the same stupid system that Youtube has already in place?

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