No Plans For Ryse on PS4 from Deep Silver; PC Minimum/Recommended Specs Coming “Soon-Ish” and More

Today Crytek and Deep Silver surprised many by announcing a PC version of the former Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome. Deep Silver and Crytek gave more information about the port and the possibility of a PS4 version.

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DanielGearSolid1261d ago

The port to pc must be a piece of cake

Probably alittle more work to get it on ps4 but they might as well just do it

Ezz20131261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

""No Plans For Ryse on PS4""

Ps4 version next year then

i always never trust any 3rd party developers words on Exclusives,Graphics,Framerate

they tell you they have no plans for said system and few months later they announce it for other systems
they act like Gamers have amnesia or something

Ohhh you are mean

IHassounah1261d ago

If they live for next year...

Highlife1261d ago

What's the point god of war is so much better.

Palitera1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

^ so much ignorance.
Two completely different games.

On topic, I have a XB1 and Ryse... PS4 gamers are not missing much.

IHassounah1261d ago

Nah , I mean like let's be real , they're not in the best situation and looks like they're falling down /:

Sitdown1261d ago

Can I borrow your copy of God of War created to use the power of the ps4?

DevilOgreFish1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Highlife -"
What's the point god of war is so much better."

they don't even play the same. they're not even based on the same culture.

castlevainia lords of shadows 2's gameplay in my opinion, i liked better than god of war ascension. god of war ascension was boring and same old stuff.

MightyNoX1261d ago

Whether they get it on PC or PS4, it's funny seeing Crytek scurrying away from MS. I take it the IP talks did not go so well.

starchild1261d ago

If Crytek own the IP and there are no limitations in the contract with regard to the game appearing on rival consoles I am sure Deep Silver and Crytek would be announcing the game on PC and PS4 right from the get go. The fact that they only announced it for the PC tells me that it almost certainly won't appear on the PS4. It will be another Alan Wake, The Witcher 2 or Splinter Cell Conviction kind of thing (not necessarily for the same reasons, though).

choujij1261d ago

"No Plans For Ryse on PS4"

And nothing of value was lost.

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DEEBO1261d ago

Why would ps4 owners want this game when GOW on ps2,psp and ps3 is better?

Just imagine GOW on ps4.

Abriael1261d ago

I'm not sure what your point is. Following your logic one would want to have only one game per genre.

Destrania1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Saying it's even in the same genre is a stretch, they're massively different games.

Salooh1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

I don't mind if it come to ps4 , option to buy it is awesome but i'm still not falling for hype. This game is like crysis 3 , great graphics with awful gameplay . I don't like that , i'm not a kid any more , i want something deep and challenging . Otherwise not interested in playing something worst then other games. Tired of average games -.-

But in the other hand , Quantum break would be cool if it come to ps4. Any wise gamer on ps4 will buy it. It is worth the hype judging from the studio history and the content revealed. That's a game that ps4 players would appreciate :P

LAWSON721261d ago


Crysis is nothing special but the gameplay is perfectly fine. It is far from awful.

UltraNova1261d ago

What? Crysis gameplay is just fine ! Nothing groundbreaking sure but its just fine! Its the story and distinct art direction or lack thereof which are sub par.

As for GoW on ps4 something tells me we will see the GoW collection remaster of the remake ( :-0 ) on the ps4 before we see GoW 4...

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Destrania1261d ago

I agree that GoW blows a lot of games out of the water as far as sheer epicness and great playability, however, why are you comparing Ryse with it?

Benjammin251261d ago

I think his point is that God Of War will appear in some form on PS4 eventually, and, as far as 3d brawlers go, it will probably make everything else look pedestrian in comparison.

Sitdown1261d ago

Why would ps4 owners want this game when a better God of War game is on a system they might not own? Ummm... Perhaps you don't realize people bought a ps4 to play ps4 specific games? Or why should they sit around imagining about GOW on ps4 when they want to play games now..... And perhaps would enjoy this style of game.

Kurisu1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Ironic if ever it launched on PS4 and outsold life-to-date sales of the Xbox One version.

Place your bets, people. Place your bets!

Funantic11261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Do you understand what "no plans" means? What is ironic is that Sony fans ripped Ryse to pieces when they thought it was a X1 exclusive.

StrawberryDiesel4201261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Well, I didn't have plans to have a child but that happened. Unless they say never, I would still bet it may happen based upon the crap I saw all generation long. According to R*, when GTA5 launched for last gen consoles, I'm pretty sure they said no plans for GTA5 on Xbone and PS4 either and looky looky.

AnteCash1261d ago

Well im pretty sure MS "didn't" have any plans for the PC version also.

Master-H1261d ago

Sure because all the critics that gave it bad reviews are sony fanboys /s

Personally wouldn't buy it on ps4 even if it was 20 dollars with all DLC.

averagejoe261261d ago

@Funatic ...ummmm ps4 owners are STILL ripping it apart

gamertk4211261d ago

It's all good. We rip the unfun Killzone in return.

Bathyj1261d ago

No plans means no comment but possible. If the answer was flat out no, they would flat out say, no.

Clearly its not MS's call. Crytek owns the IP and lets face it, needs any bit of good will it can get, so its definitely possible.

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MasterCornholio1261d ago

With the massive lead in install base it probably will. But thats up to crytek to bring the game to the PS4. I honestly don't understand why they didn't bring it to Sonys console since they own the IP but I guess they have some sort of deal with Microsoft that prevents them from doing that.

InTheLab1261d ago

I doubt that would happen considering how most of the media bagged on this game. I'd pick it up for GWG or PsN+ but certainly wouldn't pay money for it...

creatchee1261d ago


"Ironic if ever it launched on PS4 and outsold life-to-date sales of the Xbox One version."

I don't know how it could. PS4 owners around here have been very vocal about how terrible the game is and how they wouldn't buy it even if it was available on their console. Hell, it wouldn't even be a graphical showpiece purchase because I've heard that Killzone, inFamous, TLOU, and even Knack all look better. So no, I don't think that would happen, as ironic as it would be.

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stavrami-mk21261d ago

I would buy this on ps4. I think it looked the best launch day game on either console

gootimes1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Crytek used awesome tech to make the game, I think they used some stuff that the lord of the rings movies used. I would pick this up if it ever came out on PS4, if they upgraded to more stable fps. Even though it didn't get great reviews.

reaperofsouls1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

stavrami-mk2 - stop trolling we can all see right through you