#KILLALLZOMBIES coming to PS4 soon, taking streaming interaction to the next level

One of the PS4's lesser used features is the ability to enable spectator interactions when streaming on Twitch or Live from Playstation. Tomb Raider did it. Dead Nation used it. Now #KILLALLZOMBIES is taking this to the next level with text commands which can totally change the game for the player.

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WildArmed1351d ago

Yikes, I can imagine the trolling with this.

Reminds me of how Dynasty warriors 8 used it. I never could get Tomb Raider interactive commands to work though

isarai1351d ago

Surprisingly it's always about equal between trolls and helpers.

MasterCornholio1351d ago

Dang sounds like a great way to troll.

FamilyGuy1351d ago

Very Dead Nation like, just without the dark tones/night setting.

nucky641351d ago

i'll wait for deadnation2