An insight on the PlayStation Trophy approval process from Curve Studios

Curve Studios, the publisher behind the recent release of The Swapper for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, explained the approval process behind the Trophy game achievement system implemented on PlayStation consoles.

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thorstein1440d ago

Nice job. This is the third well written piece I have read today. It is informative and meaningful for gamers. Good job!

I would add that devs should talk to Telltale in order to find out how to make a Platinum as easy as it is in Walking Dead Season 1.

ShowGun9011438d ago

This article is pretty cool, these are why I started coming to n4g to begin with... The bone doomed! Articles are fun, but sometimes we need actual content here

CaptainObvious8781439d ago

Another no-no guideline should be no online multiplayer trophies and complete luck based trophies.

DragoonsScaleLegends1439d ago

Online trophies suck! I have a few games that I need online trophies to platinum but the servers are off and a few more you need to be insanely good at the game.

Immorals1439d ago

And there's always the monotonous grind ones.. Looking at you assassins creed

KUV19771439d ago

Don't online-trophies with offline servers constitute unachievable trophies? Let's just make it mandatory to either keep servers online forever or replace online-trophies as soon as servers go offline.

ShowGun9011438d ago

Or just give them to you. Or delete them from the list ...

DragoonsScaleLegends1438d ago

People really need to bring this issues to sony for trophies. Impossible to get online trophies need to be removed or unlock when servers are turned off.

KUV19771438d ago

I think giving them away would be bad, because noone would try to get them anymore and they would be completely devalued. Deleting them would be a slap in the face of people who earned them. Maybe they could make them count as regular trophies but take them out of the percentage-count and platinum-requirement.

rainslacker1438d ago

I think giving them away isn't the way to go. Just remove them from the plat requirement would be suitable for most.

Or they could do what they do in World of Warcraft, and make them like a "Feat of Strength". Things that are nearly impossible or no longer possible to achieve.

Could become a bit convoluted though...and would likely require publishers/devs to actually implement, which they won't care about doing if the servers are going down. I guess one way to overcome that is to require that implementation before it releases, so it just gets flagged as such by Sony when the time comes.

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rainslacker1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Half agree. Online trophies shouldn't be tied to platinum, or that plat requirement should be removed once the servers are no longer available. The only exception I could see would be for an online only game like Destiny or FFXIV.

Luck based is a bit different. In a RPG for example, collecting items could be based on luck from a RNG, and the time it takes to actually grind out stuff. WOW has a lot of these, and the grinding of those trophies can be part of the game itself.

If you mean luck as in "Be blown clear across the map by an explosion while jumping from a platform"...things that are highly unlikely to happen without setting it up with a group of people, then I could probably agree.

Chaos_Raiden1438d ago

Interesting news. Thanks for the share.