With Wii U, Nintendo May Have Its Catalyst

Nintendo is in a bind.

For years, the gaming juggernaut has created a sense of exclusivity around its consoles and its most prized franchises. Want to play a Zelda game? Or feel like taking a certain mustachioed plumber and his brother for a spin? Or maybe you want to man a space fighter flown by a fox and his misfit band of toads, and frogs, and bird/falcon type things? The list is long on, but the truth the same – if you want to play Nintendo software you’re going to need Nintendo hardware.

And while many argue that this exclusivity is going to have to come to an end for Nintendo to remain the force it has always been, that may not necessarily be the case. I know, I know. Bear with me. Nintendo’s latest console – the Wii U – has by almost all measures been underperforming. The theories for this run the gamut from terrible marketing, to a poorly phrased name, to a lack of under-the-hood console power. While there are some truths to these arguments, they all lead to the same question – how can they turn this thing around?

This article talks about how Nintendo can turn the Wii U around!

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SpiralTear1470d ago

"Next, make the GamePad optional and sell it separately."

You were doing so well until you said that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1470d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth.
The last thing Nintendo needs is to further increase brand confusion by taking away the biggest differentiating factor in the console.

The SMARTER idea, albeit more costly, would be to include a Pro controller in every bundle going forwards, alongside the game pad, without raising the current prices.

iamnsuperman1470d ago

I don't think that is a good idea. Instead Nintendo needs to cut the price. Cutting the price would have a bigger impact than including a pro controller.

I agree about not getting rid of the gamepad. I don't think they should have gone that route from the get go but they have. It is the unique feature the Wii U has. Removing it will not just confuse consumers but could make it far more unattractive.

Realplaya1470d ago

They don't need to cut the price or the Gamepad.

For one Microsoft dropped the Kinect and cut the Xbox One by 100 dollars and if VGC are close to being correct they just outsold the Xbox One by damn near 10,000 systems. What Nintendo needs to do and is build a T mobile mentality.They changed from being passive to aggressive and they have captured more market share. There should be Wii U commercials playing all day long.

3-4-51469d ago

solid idea wonderfulmonkeyman. Pro Controller + Gamepad with every bundle would eliminate a lot of people complaining.

The gamepad is kind of essential to the full experience for most games.

N4g_null1469d ago

I'm on board with the game pad less idea if they make it the new wii and scrape the old wii entirely.

Make it so the wiiu can enhance old wii games and you can unlock the wiiu games by buying a controller.

I say this because the old wii still sales and Nintendo needs to figure out away to unity the platforms. The old wii has to go.

Apple does this all of the time and Sony does this also

This would be a two or 3 year plan where the game pad could double as the new handheld also or vice versa. The gbc and advance where swallowed by the ds.

It would seem people don't want an hd wii for wii sports or catching up on the old wii games.

I still believe a game padless wiiu would be a bad idea yet if it was to happen then it should be a wii replacement not a wiiu. Then when they are ready to upgrade they simply need a gamepad or next gen handheld and bam welcome to the wiiu family.

Hopfully this happens when the accounts are unified and a portable wii u is available as the next gen handheld. Or some type of local streaming is done.

If I was nintendo I would just continue the good games and keep working out that unified system economy system.

Metroid prime needs a spin off like halo. A 3d mario maker needs to be made. Nintendo needs new adult game ip for the movie gamers. They can start with pokemon mmo/tv show.

Companion apps based on skill building only would be cool. An xenoblade world watcher would be cool.

Also just because gamers say they want something doesn't mean it will sell. A $400-500 nintendo console wouldn't get anymore support than a cheap one.

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jelani4351470d ago

Not really. He wasn't saying SCRAP the GamePad, he was just saying make it optional, something a lot of people seem to have misunderstood.

Bubbamilk1470d ago

And as we have seen with ms that doesn't help. It's just fanboys crying.

Optional gamepad would just isolate current wii u owners for no benefit. If it were simply a gimmick than I would agree but it's not. I use the gamepad every day and it serves me well.

I would go as far as to say people asking for this want Nintendo to fail because its clear that it isn't what needs to happen. It would only hurt the brand. As stated by wonderfulmonkeyman up top adding the pro controller for the same price is the best way to go. It adds significant value that u only understand once u have tried it for yourselves.

To give more options and add to the value of the product is the way to go.

SpiralTear1469d ago

That same argument happened with Kinect on Xbox One. Now we aren't going to see any significant support of that, since not every person is going to own one. The console-to-controller ratio isn't going to be 100% anymore if Nintendo do the same.

Emme1470d ago

As long as the next console isnt call WiiU 2....

Tiqila1470d ago

It will be called Wii Us

DiscoKid1470d ago

So a former Nintendo Rep says the console name is bad and suddenly every doom journalist does the same. Such an old debate...

SpiralTear1470d ago

To be fair, though, the name issue has been around since the console first started struggling. I've personally seen situations where employees have mislabeled the Wii and Wii U, or a customer didn't know the difference between the two.

While it's no justification for the flood of doom articles, the name is a problem, one that people noted long before Adelman spoke his mind on it.

DiscoKid1469d ago

Hence why I said such an "old debate", a debate that has been quiet until Adelman's comment.

TongkatAli1470d ago

Keep the ship steady and release your exclusives, that's what I think they should do.

Emme1470d ago

I wish RE HD remake would come to Wii U, dunno how Nintendo was able to screw this up.

wonderfulmonkeyman1470d ago

Try asking Capcom, since they're the ones at fault.

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