NHL 15 Ratings: Right Wingers

GoodGameBro writes, "Today, EA SPORTS continued the process of releasing ratings for players in this year’s NHL 15 by sharing the Top 5 Right Wingers of NHL 15. Read on to find out which players are rated the best in the game!"

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ifistbrowni1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Joe Pavelski 2013-2014 stats

41 G, 38A, +23

Phil Kessel

37 G, 43A, -5

Alright, EA... Make sense of that.

I know argument could be made: "Kessel doesn't have a Joe Thornton dishing him goals." Which, can't be argued. So, if this is EA's stance and Joe Thornton isn't rated (by them) as one of the top 5 centers, I'll be disappointed.

Thornton and Brent Burns are my favorite players (Sharks are, by far, my favorite team). It sucks being from Pittsburgh, because it seems like I couldn't get further from San Jose. I still go to the Pens games everytime the Sharks visit, but I dislike Penguin Fans (yinzers) and going to their stadium to watch the away team play totally bites (but this is all off topic).

I think centers will look like this:

1. Crosby: 96 overall
2. Datsyuk: 95 overall
3. Toews: 94 overall
4. Malkin: 93 overall
5. Thornton: 93 overall

Throwing Thornton in with those names seems like a wish and a prayer, but i truly believe he is among the best in the league (even at his old age).

billybehr1415d ago

I agree with your stance on Thornton.
Would have really loved the Wings to land him. I heard earlier at the beginning of the off-season that the Wings were interested in him, but the cost would be too great (losing Nyqvuist, Tatar, + draft picks)

Good luck this season by the way.

SmielmaN1415d ago

Because Kessel is a 40 goal scorer (according to Laughs fans) who has never scored 40. But let's act like he is because of Torontos media hype.

There's always a few skewed ratings. I personally don't think Lundqvist is the best goalie in his conference, let alone the league but they have him as #1.

As for Thornton, when the rumors were flying about him I was kind of open to the Habs trading for him to take 1C so we could move Galchenyuk into 2C but the odds of them trading Plekanec and Desharnias for good value AND landing jumbo Joe was just a dream of grandure. Lol. Sharks have totals that next step man! 3-0 lead in the nhl playoffs should be automatic. At least you can say they were out out by the eventual champs.