Dragon Age: Inquisition – No Swimming, Character Customization Details and More

OnlySP: Some new Dragon Age: Inquisition details have been revealed over the past few days by both Mike Laidlaw and the official Dragon Age: Inquisition Twitter account.

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Bigpappy1508d ago

I like being able to swim. But, it wouldn`t make it a game to avoid. Would ask Bioware to see if they can make it truly open world and add swimming net time around.

ThatOneGuyThere1508d ago

i hate swimming in games. I have a fear of water and it freaks me out. that submarine level in GTA5 almost gave me a panic attack

Psychotica1508d ago

That's funny. I am afraid of heights and some games freak me out a little because of that.

SirBradders1508d ago

That's even funnier I'm afraid of driving sometimes I wet myself.

ThatOneGuyThere1508d ago

its mainly when im in a game and either in the water, or like, under it and i just see vast darkness beyond the blue. shfgsfhsfhsdkfhs dkfhs dfh In BF4 im always trying to avoid the water bits.

Baka-akaB1508d ago

I dislike most swimming in games . It often lead to clunky controls , and not even for the sake of realism . It can even be a designed timesink

Studio-YaMi1508d ago

Swimming in uncharted was amazing ...


Roccetarius1508d ago

Hmm, no underwater exploration. I guess that's one less box to tick.

Paprika1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Underwater exploration with your longsword and heavy armour lol! Or maybe some of the extra fine elven swim wear!

SirBradders1508d ago

You nailed it on the head there, how can you swim in a game truly because the best divers in the world struggle a few minutes. Even stripped bare expiration will only last a short time and would get tedious. Submarines are probably a no no in them times also.

Vantage1508d ago

No swimming? Dumb game, pre-order cancelled.

Goro1508d ago

I doubt you had it pre-ordered to begin with.

Vantage1508d ago

Of course not, I don't put money down on games that haven't released.

This is one of the only games I'm interested in, though.

ArtificiallyYours1507d ago

Every little thing you say is an example of teenage angst.

GusBricker1508d ago

Has there ever been a game where swimming didn't suck?

NiteX1508d ago

The swimming didn't suck, but the skill set you got sure did.

TheWackyMan1508d ago

Skyward Sword (IMO) had pretty decent swimming controls.

ThanatosDMC1508d ago

They'll need good fish AI.

mafiahajeri1508d ago

I liked the gow swimming sequences

RegorL1508d ago

Actually I am a bit surprised swimming is not included.

Battlefield 4... same engine...

Guess they would have to include lots of underwater environments for almost nothing...

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Findingcrybabies1508d ago

I'm glad we can FINALLY jump in Dragon Age. Given there probably won't be much swimming, it would have really been nice to have. I hate hitting "invisible walls"

wynams1508d ago

Where did you read this? Not having ability to jump down off a 3 foot ledge has forever pestered me in Bioware games

Findingcrybabies1508d ago

watch that new trailer...i think its the combat one? about half way through in a snow area the character jumps in the video.

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