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Submitted by Alexious 480d ago | screenshot

Ryse Comparison Shows How Much Improvement PC Will Get Over Xbox One

Check out just how much Ryse on PC looks better than the Xbox One version, even in these early screenshots. (PC, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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DVS-Zev  +   480d ago
Ryse: Remastered
Ezz2013  +   480d ago
i might try it...maybe
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TheWackyMan  +   480d ago
LEGALLY buy it. You know you want to.
Stallion  +   480d ago
Don't pay for it. It's shit.
TheWackyMan  +   480d ago
Just like I said, LEGALLY *WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE* buy it.
YellowTempes  +   480d ago
Or you can try Skyrim who can look the same but has way more content
Wizard_King  +   480d ago
I can't see man PC gamers giving much of a shit about this.

Just one less exclusive for the xbone and just one more C grade 5 buck sale item for Steam this summer.
XB1_PS4  +   479d ago
I hope every single person who torrents this game gets a bios virus that ruins your computer. This company is in bad enough shape as it is. You're the reason.
OculusRift  +   479d ago
^How the hell do you have 5 bubbles?
Slevon  +   480d ago
Are they going to release new DLC soon after?
Volkama  +   480d ago
Dlc is included. I find the claim that it is an "early build" a bit odd when the game is due out this fall. I am not totally familiar with American seasons, but isn't fall only a very small number of months away?
SilentNegotiator  +   480d ago
Well, Fall technically starts in a month and a half. They're probably forcing the game out as fast as possible to help alleviate their financial woes, so it's probably only an "early build" because the "early" work will only last a few weeks.
Alexious  +   480d ago
I don't think so, unless Ryse is a smashing success on PC, which seems far fetched at this point.
NatureOfLogic_  +   480d ago
I might try it out. If not I'll wait for the definitive console version on PS4 at 1080p and stable fps.
ScottyHoss  +   479d ago
@Alexious by smashing you mean button smashing right? That's all the game really was when I tried it
Magicite  +   480d ago
But people said Crytek is dead.
Nekroo91  +   480d ago
Because it is, when it has to close studios,when it doesent pay salaries for months and sells IPS (homefront) it means that the company is pretty much dead at this moment
Master-H  +   480d ago
It is, this is just them scrambling for that burial/coffin funeral money..
HaveAsandwich  +   480d ago
deep silver took over hunt. cryteks other game.
DevilOgreFish  +   480d ago
xbox version still looks pretty good even in the comparison. I may just hold off with what i got already, till the steam version is dirt cheap.
The_Infected  +   480d ago
They should be improving the gameplay.
MightyNoX  +   480d ago
They have. Don't you remember them going into a period of crunching (that infamous dinner plate tweet) after the E3 debacle? What you've seen is the actual 'improved' gameplay. :)
VealParmHero  +   480d ago
ha. pretty much. i liked this game. i would think they could have maybe pushed for 1080p if it came out later, judging by the slight jump in available power, but i dont think it would have made much of a diff.

looks pretty sweet on pc. crytek deff just back-handed the xb1 and consoles in general..."with out compromising quality". lol, its true though.

at any rate, i am excited to see what it looks like in action. i dont have a gaming rig, but may actually look into one at some point in the not to distant future. depends where my wallet is at. As it is, i already own all current gen consoles and with all the games coming, idk about dropping a grand or so on a pc.
ZORDON   480d ago | Spam
jonboi24  +   480d ago
This game should be called Ryse: Rymatsered
FastRedPonyCar  +   480d ago
Definitive edition
larrysdirtydrawss  +   479d ago
now ppl can see what the ps4 version would have looked like
LavaLampGoo  +   480d ago
That's...not great news for the Xbox One. Not exactly showing off the hardware
TheUltimateGamer  +   480d ago
This was a launch title for the Xbox One. A re-release of a year old title looking better is hardly surprising, regardless of what system it was on.

I'm more curious as to why they're bothering.. Ryse wasn't a terrible game but it certainly isn't worth a year of wait for a slight graphical boost.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   480d ago
its for people who haven't played it and dont have an xbox one. Plus the graphical boost helps make this already beautiful game 100 percent crisp
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iamnsuperman  +   480d ago
Well Cyrtek is in a Crysis :p

It isn't about boosting graphical fidelity but it is more to do with making more money back off their investment.
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MightyNoX  +   480d ago
@superman: you're gonna get every mileage you can out of the Crysis pun, aren't you.

Seriously though, I like this development. I want see if Crytek managed to eek out a profit or not.
VealParmHero  +   480d ago
my thinking is this project is likely relatively low cost and they can at least bank on some decent sales. not a terrible way to gain a bit of cash
LavaLampGoo  +   480d ago
That too, but I mean the Xbone is really struggling at the minute, and saying "just wait long enough and you'll get better looking versions of our 'exclusives' on PC" isn't a great selling point...
nicksetzer1  +   480d ago
Ummm, a launch title for XB1 vs a PC port a year later. What do you expect? They have readily available GPU's that are almost 6x more powerful. It has nothing to do with xb1 being weak it has everything to do with much better hardware being available on PC.

The real surprise is just how minimal the differences are with that in mind.
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imt558  +   480d ago
Only jump from 900p to 4k is huuuuge difference.
Sy_Wolf  +   480d ago
It's cute you think there's only a 6x jump in performance between the GPU in the Xbone and a 780ti.
gamer1138  +   480d ago
Apart from the res bump and 4k textures, looks the same as xbox one. What kind of beast will you need to run it like that though?
thehobbyist  +   480d ago
4k Textures + "Looks the same as xbox One" = WTF
tee_bag242  +   480d ago
Only 4k textures and 60fps.. Umm what more of a night and day difference could one hope for?
vulcanproject  +   479d ago
A beast? No no no.

A midrange PC will easily beat Xbox One on this game. Indeed, it does comfortably on most games.

The game only ran 1600 x 900 with a fairly variable often sub 30FPS framerate on the console with a pretty slow GPU.

Considering even an R9 270 is twice as fast as Xbox One you'll probably get at least 1920 x 1080 with much better framerates and AA.

Anything faster like an R9 280X or GTX760 you'll be cruising this.
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boskoz  +   480d ago
As main PC user, zero interest in this quick time events festival of a game...
Imp0ssibl3  +   480d ago
Completely agree, I will not buy this game (unless its 75% off in a steam sale in a year or so, but the game looks gorgeous on PC.
Moncole  +   480d ago
The game will be used as a benchmark. Same thing happened with the first Crysis.
Scark92  +   480d ago
or every Crytek game ever xD
Magnagamer222  +   480d ago
There's no question that it will look better for PC. Not a major difference just the images look sharper.
GundalfDeGrej  +   480d ago
It's good news for everyone that it's coming to PC. How ever it seems like one of those games you buy mostly to look at. I'll probably buy it when it eventually goes on sale.
Pascalini  +   480d ago
If they remade it now on xb1 it would look better it's how thing work
Masterh0ppa  +   480d ago
Duh? Seriously?? Every game Will look much better on pc.
TheWatercooler   480d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Mkai28  +   480d ago
Not much of a difference here, but I'm sure it will look much better on PC in actual gameplay ..
Besides, don't you think it's to early for a comparison?
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Fishy Fingers  +   480d ago
Bit unsurprising considering the same result would befall any console game (on any console) if it were on (an enthusiast) PC.
snookiegamer  +   480d ago
This is cool for anyone with a really good PC to play @4k, but sucks for Xbox One fanboys.

Seriously, MS doesn't know the meaning of the word 'EXCLUSIVE'.
tee_bag242  +   480d ago
How is it bad for X1 fanboys? If they wanted the game they'd already have it and played it through. Why not MS make a few more $ selling it on their other platform?
John Kratos  +   480d ago
MS isn't going to make a few more bucks. Seeing as how they don't own the IP and they're not publishing the PC port.
snookiegamer  +   480d ago

Read 'John Kratos' Reply to You....Carefully

'MS isn't going to make a few more bucks. Seeing as how they don't own the IP and they're not publishing the PC port'....Exactly!

Call Out a Fanboy and they answer, Glad you admit to being one!
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tee_bag242  +   480d ago
Heard of royalties? I'm pretty sure that its running on Direct X 11.
Nice try. I don't even have a X1. Its fine if you don't like MS but me telling you how it is doesn't make me a MS fanboy. Fact is fact.
Typical butthurt PS4 fanboy.
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MasterCornholio  +   480d ago
I think that the most important improvement for PC owners will be the framerate.
MRMagoo123  +   480d ago
Yeh I can imagine the game will play better with higher than 17 fps like the xbone but in the end it's still a very very very average game when you take game play into it.
its_JEFF  +   480d ago
hmm... never noticed that the X1 version looked "blurry" or had some kind of blur thing on it. That PC version looks so sharp.
Genova84  +   480d ago
I'll pick it up on steam or origin sale for $5 next year.
vandal GAB  +   480d ago
It's a Crytek game it's gonna run like crap =(
Qrphe  +   480d ago
Or maybe one just needs better hardware
vandal GAB  +   480d ago
I have the Hardware! I7 4770k + GTX780
Qrphe  +   480d ago
I have that rig and Crysis 3 runs around 70fps on high
CoLD FiRE  +   480d ago

Are you high? Crysis 3 ran smoother than butter on my PC. It was one of the most optimized PC games in recent memory.
vandal GAB  +   479d ago
I play on high for 60fps + and on v.high with an fps cap of 35fps for a solid frame-rate. I have a Corsair 250d build
Aurenar  +   480d ago
Wonderful! Now bring to us Quantum Break, please! lol
MightyNoX  +   480d ago
QB is 50/50 because it's published by MS. However, so was Alan Wake and that came over to the PC as well.

Sunset Overdrive has a higher chance.
DarkZane  +   479d ago
Pretty sure Quantum break has much higher chance. In fact, looking at Remedy's track record, I can assure you QB is coming to PC.
Goku781  +   480d ago
Now with less Xbox One. PC owners get to wash rinse repeat too.
Baka-akaB  +   480d ago
If only it was a vastly different game with that level of graphics . A real shame
marcofdeath  +   480d ago
1. it's a launch title.
2. Made on PC developer hardware.
3. In Crytek's PDF they say that we did not use XB1's hardware scaler. Crytek used some of XB1's GPU ALUs for Scaling.

"Target hardware less powerful than
high-end PCs at launch" page 3

"Efficient: just a single bilinear sample and a few ALUs on the texture coordinates Did not yet evaluate the Xbox hardware upscale" page 13
With the new sdk the game will be 1080p.
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dogdirt2000  +   480d ago
What are you on about? The fact that Crytek used their own scaling implementation for the Xbox One bares no relevance to this on the PC. I don't know why you brought it up?! :/

Also, on a slightly different topic, I recall trying to explain to you the other day why SSS and translucency don't necessarily play a role in PBR as used in games. Seeing as you do already have that Crytek presentation at hand, surely you could gather that for yourself? Do you know what a BSDF is, or a BRDF, or a gaussian blur, or inverted-normals means in the context of translucency? The point is if you don't quite understand the stuff, don't just name random graphics techniques and keywords to back-up your points.
#20.1 (Edited 480d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
marcofdeath  +   477d ago
Again someone just talking and not POSTING LINKS....
I post links most of the time but most don't. One time i did a step by step of how to do this in 3DSM.
PS4 fanboys use to say that this game didn't look better than SSS,KZSF, or 1886 but i point out that why it's a winner. You are just like them "FORZA 5 uses 2d backgrounds" wrong!!!
dogdirt2000  +   477d ago
I find fault with your critical thinking skills and the way all your points are logically fallacious from start to finish. If you think just citing links to presentation proves your point is valid, then you're sorely mistaken. Also, don't make this about the Xbox One or the PS4, or about any 'this' game versus 'that' game. The problem is your ability to be rational and be objective; nothing more and nothing less.

You want my references? The first one that backs what I said up is the one you, yourself, provided above. Beyond that? Well, the sum total of all presentations, white papers and research documents I've accrued over the years comes in at well over thousand. I don't care to spend my time just on finding you references because you can't do it yourself. You must surely know yourself that you don't actually know that much on it. Whatever the case, multiple screenshots are only 5 mins away should you persist in the charade.

A serious recommendation I'd give is the last few years of Siggraph's 'Physically Based Rendering' course. Go through the course notes, as well as the references in them.

I've ignored the pile of books I'd recommend too. I'll stick to just two in particular:-

The former is pretty much required reading for any graphics programmer in the game industry, and the latter for any graphics programmer across multiple industries. Maybe look up Eric Veach's phenomenal, Academy award winning '97 thesis too (easy to find), if just for kicks!

If you want more you'll have to do the research yourself like I've had to. Come back to me once you've educated yourself suitably.
#20.1.2 (Edited 477d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
dogdirt2000  +   477d ago
My reply to you is above. I hope you enjoy the reading as much as I did.

P.s. You can learn a lot from it too. Bonus!
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leogets  +   480d ago
The last of us is better looking
starchild  +   480d ago
Haha no it's not.
tee_bag242  +   480d ago
Lol.. good for you son.
BigBosss  +   480d ago
nobody cares
Plagasx  +   480d ago
First Dead Rising 3 now Ryse... Keep em coming M$ :)
quenomamen  +   480d ago
Why improve it ? Isnt all about the gameplay ? You cant see the difference anyway ?
How quickly fanboys forget.
marioJP87  +   480d ago
Maaaaaaaan! Ryse in 4K?
karamsoul  +   480d ago
Did the better resolution take out the boring QTE's? No ? Then no thanks.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   480d ago
Does the Xbox1 have a real exclusives?
gamer7804  +   480d ago
i hope this brings in some $ for crytek. I enjoyed Ryse , it wasn't perfect but a good start.
T1125P  +   480d ago
Obviously it would look better on PC, in fact any game you push on the PC will look better than anything if the developers take advantage of it. Now Ryse looks good. I know I will be running it @60 or higher and a bit passed 1080p. Not sure if I will buy it ;)
Bathyj  +   480d ago
Ok, serious question, is everyone going to give this game as much crap as The Last of Us got on PS4 because its basically doing the same thing.

Improved visuals, extra content, different platform, a year late.

Plus the difference is PS4 owners were actually asking for that game, were any PC gamers asking for this?

Just wondering if we're going shun all remasters/rereleases/GotY editions or whaterever you prefer to call them equally. Seems like a double standard if we dont.
GundalfDeGrej  +   480d ago
People are bothered by it because they think it somehow means that these "remasters" are taking up time from the developers that could be used to make new games instead. The PS4 and X1 has to prove that they are worth their current price and re-releases of older games isn't going to cut it for most people.

Personally I just think it's ridiculous how they can't call the games their by original title. If higher res textures and resolutions = "remastered" then every PC game out there might as well have that name. It won't stop me from buying one of them in case I haven't played it before though.
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